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Items affiliated to "ISMAA - S. Michele all’ Adige Agricultural Institute of TN Province"

Number of items at this level: 2.

Peer-reviewed and accepted

Paolini, M.; Ziller, L.; Laursen, K.H.; Husted, S. and Camin, F. (2015) Compound-Specific δ15N and δ13C Analyses of Amino Acids for Potential Discrimination between Organically and Conventionally Grown Wheat. [In Press]

Parveaud, Claude-Eric; Gomez, Christelle; Chovelon, Marc; Lambion, Jérôme; Dagostin, Silvia and Pertot, Ilaria (2010) Alternatives to copper-based treatments for the control of grapevine downy mildew (Plasmopara viticola): 5-year synthesis of trials in France and Italy. [Alternatives aux traitements à base de cuivre pour la lutte contre le mildiou de la vigne (Plasmopara viticola): Synthèse de 5 années d'expérimentation en France et en Italie.] Poster at: 28th International Horticultural Congress, Lisbon, Portugal, 22-27 August 2010.

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