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Items affiliated to "AU, NERI - National Environmental Research Institute"

Number of items at this level: 34.

Submitted for peer-review but not yet accepted

Larsen, T.; Magid, J.; Krogh, P.H. and Gorissen, A. (2005) Very low uptake of organic N from dual-labelled (13C and 15N) green manure by wheat. Soil Biology and Biochemistry. [Unpublished]

Quitzau, M. and Røpke, I. (2007) Bathroom transformation: From hygiene to well-being? Home Cultures. [Unpublished]

Quitzau, M. and Røpke, I. (2007) The construction of normal expectations: A case study on consumption drivers. Journal of industrial ecology. [Unpublished]

Peer-reviewed and accepted

Carter, Mette S.; Hauggaard-Nielsen, Henrik; Heiske, Stefan; Jensen, Morten; Thomsen, Sune T.; Schmidt, Jens Ejbye; Johansen, Anders and Ambus, Per (2012) Consequences of field N2O emissions for the environmental sustainability of plant-based biofuels produced within an organic farming system. Global Change Biology Bioenergy, 4 (4), pp. 435-452.

Christensen, T.H.; Godskesen, M.; Røpke, I.; Gram-Hansen, K. and Quitzau, M.-B. (2007) Greening the Danes? Experience with consumption and environment policies. Journal of Consumer Policy, 30, pp. 91-116.

Ejrnæs, Rasmus; Liira, Jaan and Poulsen, Roar S. (2008) When Has an Abandoned Field Become a Semi-Natural Grassland or Heathland? Enviromental Management, 42 (4), pp. 707-716.

El-Naggar, Ahmed; Rasmussen , Jim; de Neergaard, Andreas; El-Araby, Ahmed and Høgh-Jensen, Henning (2010) Source and temperature determine the releases of multiple amino acids from plant materials. Agronomy for Sustainable Development, 30, pp. 679-688.

Høgh-Jensen, Henning; Oelofse, Myles and Egelyng, Henrik (2010) New challenges in underprivileged regions calls for people-centred research for development. Society and Natural Resources, 23, pp. 908-915.

Høye, T.T.; Skov, F. and Topping, C.J. (2011) Evaluating and communicating simulated wildlife responses to land-use scenarios. Ecological Indicators, 20, 221-227.

Jespersen, Lizzie Melby; Lund Jensen, Kirsten; Strandberg, Beate; Hermansen, John E.; Halsnæs, Kirsten; Fog, Erik; Baggesen, Dorte Lau; Sørensen, Jan Tind and Meldgaard, Mette (2015) Økologiens bidrag til samfundsgoder. 1 edition. Internationalt Center for Forskning i Økologisk Jordbrug og og Fødevaresystemer, Tjele, Danmark.

Levin, Gregor (2007) Relationships between Danish organic farming and landscape composition. Agriculture, Ecosytems and Environment, 120 (2-4), pp. 330-344.

Levin, Gregor (2006) Farm size and landscape composition in relation to landscape changes in Denmark. Danish Journal of Geography, 106 (2), pp. 45-59.

Levin, Gregor; Langer, Vibeke and Frederiksen, Pia (2006) Structural development in Danish agriculture and its implications for farmland nature. In: Langeveld, Hans and Röling, Niels (Eds.) Changing European farming systems for a better future: New visions for rural areas. Wageningen Academic Publishers, chapter 5, pp. 424-429.

Liu, Y.; Langer, Vibeke; Høgh-Jensen, Henning and Egelyng, Henrik (2010) Energy efficiency of organic pear production in greenhouses in China. Renewable Agriculture and Food Systems, 25, pp. 196-203.

Liu, Yuexian; Langer, Vibeke; Høgh-Jensen, Henning and Egelyng, Henrik (2010) Energy use in organic, green and conventional pear producting systems - cases from China. Journal of Sustainable Agriculture, 34, pp. 630-646.

Liu , Y.; Langer, V.; Høgh-Jensen, H. and Egelyng, H. (2010) Life cycle assessment of fossil energy use and greenhouse gas emissions in Chinese pear production. Journal of Clearner Production, 18 (4), pp. 1423-1430.

Løes, Anne-Kristin; Johansen , Anders; Pommeresche, Reidun and Riley, Hugh (2011) Animal manure for biogas production - what happens to the soil? In: Hultgren, Jan; Persson, Paula; Nadeau, Elisabet and Fogelberg, Fredrik (Eds.) Book of abstracts of the 24th NJF congress. NJF Report 7 (3) 2011, Nordic Association of Agricultural Scientists, NJF, Uppsala, Sweden, 7 (3), NJF Report, p. 153.

Oelofse, Myles; Høgh-Jensen, Henning; Abreu, L.S.; Almeida, Gustavo Fonseca de; Hui, Qiao Yu; Sultan, Tursinbek and de Neergaard, Andreas (2010) Certified organic agriculture in China and Brazil: Market accessibility and outcomes following adoption. Ecological Economics, 69, pp. 1785-1793.

Oelofse, Myles; Høgh-Jensen, Henning; de Abreu, L.S.; de Almeira, G.F.; Hui, Q.Y. and de Neergaard, Andreas (2010) A comparative study of farm nutrient budgets and nutrients flows of certified organic and non-organic farms in China, Brazil and Egypt. Nutrient Cycling in Agroecosystems, 87, pp. 455-470.

Pernin, C.; Ambrosi, J.P.; Cortet, J.; Joffre, R.; Tabone, E.; Torre, F. and Krogh, P.H. (2006) Effects of sewage sludge and copper enrichment on both soil mesofauna community and decomposition of oak leaves (Quercus suber) in a mesocosm. Biology and Fertility of Soils, 43, pp. 39-50.

Rasmussen, Jesper and Kaltoft, Pernille (2003) Alternative versus conventional attitudes in higher agricultural education. Alternative Agriculture & Horticulture, 20 (4), pp. 347-363.

Topping, C.J. (2011) Evaluation of wildlife management through organic farming. Ecological Engineering, 37, 2009- 2017.

Not peer-reviewed

Axelsen, Jørgen Aagaard; Toft, Søren and Lôvei, Gabor (2007) Natural enemies and their food sources in an organic crop rotation with undersown crops and animal manure. , , . [Completed]

Christensen, Trine F.; Diedrichsen, Brigitte; Adsersen, Anne; Andersen, Jan Buch and Ravn, Helle Weber (2002) Plant Biomarker Pattern, Screening Programme for Phytochemical Differences in Plants Exposed to Stress. Poster at: Natur og Miljøforskningskonferencen (The Conference on Research on Nature and the Environment), H.C. Ørsted Instituttet, Copenhagen, 22-23- August 2002.

Johansen, Anders (2007) Økologisk bioenergi og jordkvalitet. [Organic bioenergy and soil quality.] Økologisk Jordbrug, November 2007, 397.

Johansen, Anders and Carter, Mette S. (2011) Hvad har jordens kvalitet med klodens klima at gøre? Klimaændringer og landbrug – hvordan hænger det sammen? Folkeuniversitet, Hurup, Thy.

Johansen, Anders; Carter, Mette S.; Hauggaard-Nielsen, Henrik; Nielsen, Henrik Bangsø; Andreasen, Christian; Hansen, Christian M.; Carlsgart, Josefine and Roepstorff, Allan (2010) Biogasproduktionens effekter på parasitter, ukrudtsfrø og jordens mikroorganismer. Speech at: Seminar om bioenergi i økologisk landbrug, Middelfart, Danmark, 7 December 2010.

Krogh, P.H.; Lamandé, M.; Eriksen, Jørgen and Holmstrup, Martin (2001) Ecological properties of earthworm burrows in an organically managed grass-clover system. Speech at: Science for the environment - environment for society, Aarhus, 5-6 Oct. 2011.

Larsen, Thomas (2007) Unravelling collembolan life belowground: Stoichiometry, metabolism and release of carbon and nitrogen. Thesis, Plant Nutrition and Soil Fertility Laboratory, University of Copenhagen and Dept. of Terrestrial Ecology, NERI. National Environmental Research Institute . National Environmental Research Institute © University of Aarhus - Denmark.

Larsen, Thomas; Krogh, Paul-Henning; Magid, Jakob and Gorissen, Antonie (2006) Dual-labelled (13C/15N) green manure to differentiate between plant uptake of organic and inorganic N. Poster at: Iso Life.

Levin, Gregor (2006) Dynamics of Danish Agricultural Landscapes and the Roles of Organic Farming. Thesis, National Environmental Research Intitute , Department of Policy Analysis. National Environmental Research Institute, Ministry of the Environment.

Rasmussen, Jesper and Kaltoft, Pernille (2003) Holdninger præger jordbrugsvidenskaben. Jord og Viden, 148 (8), pp. 10-12.

Rasmussen, Jesper and Kaltoft, Pernille (2002) De nye konsulenter og deres holdninger til økologisk jordbrug. In: Kongresbilag Økologi-Kongres 2002, Landbrugets Rådgivningscenter & Forskningscenter for Økologisk Jordbrug, pp. 31-33.

Ravn, Dr. Helle Weber; Kristensen, Charlotte V.; Christensen, Trine F.; Diedrichsen, Brigitte and Brandt, Kirsten (2002) A New Phytochemical Screening Programme used for Crops grown with Organic and Conventional Methods. National Environmental Research Institute (NERI) , Dept. of Terrestrial Ecology.

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