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Items affiliated to " III.2 (ECON-ORG) Analyses of the future development of organic farming"

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Jacobsen, Brian H.; Madsen, Niels and Ørum, Jens Erik (2005) Organic farming at the farm level - Scenarioes for the future development. Report, no. 178. Food and Ressource Economics Institute , Environment and Regional Analyses.

Jacobsen, Lars-Bo (2002) Does organic farming achieve environmental goals efficiently? Paper at: OECD Workshop on Organic Agriculture, Washington D.C., USA, 23-26 September 2002. [Unpublished]

Jacobsen, Lars-Bo (2002) Is the promotion of organic farming the most cost efficient way of achieving environmental goals? A Danish Case story. Paper at: the 14th International Input-Output Techniques Conference, Montreal, Canada., 10-15 October 2002,. [Unpublished]

Kledal, Researcher Paul Rye (2002) Who are the potential organic farmers? Limits to growth in organic farming in Denmark. Paper at: 13th International IFMA Congress of Farm Management, Wagening, Holland, July 2002. [Unpublished]

Sørensen, C.G. and Nielsen, V. (2003) Labour and machinery systems in organic farming. In: Piccarolo, P. (Ed.) XXX CIOSTA-CIGR CONGRESS PROCEEDINGS, Universita degli Studi di Torino, 2, pp. 525-533.

Sørensen, C.G. and Nielsen, V. (2002) Labour and machinery analysis in organic farming. Working paper, Department of Agricultural Engineering, Danish Institute of Agricultural Sciences .

Sørensen, Claus G.; Madsen, Niels A. and Jacobsen, Brian H. (2005) Organic Farming Scenarios: Operational Analysis and Costs of implementing Innovative Technologies. Biosystems Engineering, 91 (2), pp. 127-137.


Jacobsen, Lars Bo (2001) Perspektiver for økologisk jordbrug. [Perspectives for organic farming.] Tidsskrift for landøkonomi, p. 256.

Jacobsen, Lars Bo; Kledahl, Paul Rye and Tvedegaard, Niels (2001) Produktion og afsætning af økologisk mælk 1995-2006. [Production and demand for organic milk 1995-2006.] Working paper, Danish Research Institute of Food Economics .

Kledal, Paul Rye (2002) Økologi, marked og magt. Forskningsnytt om økologisk landbruk i Norden, 2002 (3).

Kledal, Paul Rye (2001) Økologi For Fremtiden. Jord og Viden, 2001 (11).

Kledal, Paul Rye (2001) Melklister, billefangere og økologisk raps. Jord og Viden, 2001 (15).

Madsen, Niels (2003) En driftsøkonomisk analyse af økologisk jordbrug - med fokus på teknologi og regelændringer. [Farm management analysis of organic farming - with focus on teknology and new legislation.] Thesis, Institute of economics, forestry and landscape , Department of economics. .

Nielsen, V.; Sørensen, C.G. and Mortensen, H.S. (2003) Scenarieanalyser vedr. driftsteknisk indsats i økologisk jordbrug. [Scenario analsysis regarding labour and machinery input in organic farming.] Intern rapport, no. 188. Danmarks JordbrugsForskning , Jordbrugsteknik.

Sørensen, C.G. (2001) Økologisk teknologi:indikationer vedr. eksisterende samt innovative teknologier. [Organic technology: indications on current and innovative technologies.] Working paper, Department of Agricultural Engineering, Danish Institute of Agricultural Sciences .

Tvedegaard, Niels (2002) Økologisk mælkeproduktion - økonomiske analyser. FOI report, no. 137. Danish Research Institute of Food Economics , Department of Farm Management and Production Systems.

Tvedegaard, Niels (2002) Notat om kvælstof. .

Tvedegaard, Niels (2002) Notat om økonomien ved økologisk mælkeproduktion. [The economics of organic milkproduction.] .

Tvedegaard, Niels (2002) Notat vedrørende økologitilskud. .

Tvedegaard, Niels (2002) Notat om økonomien i konventionel og økologisk jordbrug. .

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