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Items affiliated to " II.8 Combinations of cattle and pigs"

Number of items at this level: 3.

Peer-reviewed and accepted

Sehested, Jakob; Kristensen, Troels and Søegaard, Karen (2003) Effect of concentrate supplementation level on production, health and efficiency in an organic dairy herd. Livestock Production Science, 80 (1), pp. 153-165.

Sehested, Jakob; Søegaard, Karen; Danielsen, Viggo; Roepstorff, Allan and Monrad, Jesper (2004) Grazing with heifers and sows alone or mixed: herbage quality, sward structure and animal weight gain. Livestock Production Science, 88 (3), pp. 223-238.

Not peer-reviewed

Sehested, Jakob and Kristensen, Troels (2001) Økologisk mælkeproduktion - reduceret foderniveau og strategisk anvendelse af tilskudsfoder. In: Økologisk kvægproduktion. Bilag til Temadag, Forskningscenter for Økologisk Jordbrug, pp. 13-16.

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