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Positive health: preventive measures and alternative strategies (5th NAHWOA Workshop)

Hovi, Malla and Vaarst, Mette (Eds.) (2002) Positive health: preventive measures and alternative strategies (5th NAHWOA Workshop). . Proceedings of NAHWOA: Network for Animal Health and Welfare in Organic Agriculture, Røddinge, Denamrk, 11-13 November 2001.

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Document available online at: http://www.veeru.reading.ac.uk/organic/proc/FinalProceedingsDenmark.pdf


Part A: Therapy and prophylactics in organic systems
Part B: Tools for holistic health planning
Part C: Farm visits
The first part of the Positive Health Workshop focused on the use and role of alternative or complementary therapy on organic farms. The current EU-standards on organic livestock production require that alternatives to chemically synthesised , conventional veterinary drugs are used when safe and efficacious. In addition to this principle, various disincentives involved with the use of conventional therapy (e.g. prolonged prodcut withhold times) encourage organic livestock producers to use alternative/complementary therapies. This shift from routine, veterinary-supervised drug use to new modalities is not easy or simple, particularly in the absence of widely available advise and support. The papers of the first part of these proceedings both describe these problems and seek solutions that will allow compliance with organic standards and regualtions. The EU-regulation on organic livestock production (18104/99) also requires that organic farms base their positive health promotion on good planning.
The second part of the Workshop generated a lively discussion on the format and procedure that this health planning should take. The general conclusion from the Workshop strongly supported the idea of formalised, written health plans that would allow evidence-based and dynamic health promotion on organic farms.
Part A: Therapy and prophylactics in organic systems
M. Hovi: Alternative therapy use on UK organic farms - constraints and pitfalls
T.W. Bennedsgaard, S.M. Thamsborg, M. Vaarst: Mastitis treatment and production losses in organic dairy herds
A. Striezel: Homeopathy as part of health management on organic farms
M. Walkenhorst, S. Garbe, P. Klocke, C. Merck, C. Notz, P. Rusch, J. Spranger: Strategies for prophylaxis and therapy of bovine mastitis
A. Martini, P. Tambini, M. Miccinesi, R. Bozzi: Homeopathic medicine: research data from Italy
L. Hektoen: Controlled clinical trials used in the evaluation of clinical effect of homeopathic treatment in farm animals
B. Henriksen, L. GrØva: Poster presentation: Use of alternative medicine in Norwegian organic husbandry
M. Vaarst, C. Fossing, S.M. Thamsborg: Discussion report: Alternative treatment methods
Part B: Tools for holistic health planning
M. Eysker: Strategies for internal parasite control in organic cattle
A. Roepstorff, H. Mejer: Strategies for parasite control in organic pigs
M. Bouilhol, C. Mage: Parasitism in organic sheep farming
S.M. Thamsborg: Parasite control on organic sheep farms: options and limitations
F.S. MacNaeidhe: Pasture management and composition as a means of minimizing mineral disorders in organic livestock
G.A. Smolders: Preventive measures for animal health and practical means for management support on organic dairy farms in the Netherlands
J. Baumgartner, T. Leeb, T. Guber, R. Tiefenbacher: Pig health and health planning in organic herds in Austria
D. Gray, M. Hovi: Animal health plans for organic farms: the UK experience
M. Vaarst, E. Noe, T.B. Nissen, T. Stjernholm, C. SØrensen, P.S. Enemark, S.M. Thamsborg, T.W. Bennedsgaard, T. Kristensen, H.J. Andersen, C. Enevoldsen: Development of health advisory service in Danish organic dairy herds - presentation of an action research project
M. Hovi, A. Sundrum: Discussion report: Health planning and management in organic livestock systems
Part C: Farm visits
M. Vaarst, M. Thamsborg :Report on farm visits: Danish organic dairy and pig herds

EPrint Type:Proceedings
Keywords:animal health, organic livestock systems, holistic health
Subjects: Animal husbandry > Health and welfare
Research affiliation: European Union > Network Animal Health NAHWOA
Related Links:http://www.veeru.reading.ac.uk/organic
Deposited By: Hovi, MS M
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Deposited On:10 Jul 2003
Last Modified:12 Apr 2010 07:27
Document Language:English
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