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Human - animal relationship: stockmanship and housing in organic livestock systems (3rd NAHWOA Workshop)

Hovi, Malla and Bouilhol, Michel (Eds.) (2001) Human - animal relationship: stockmanship and housing in organic livestock systems (3rd NAHWOA Workshop). . Proceedings of NAHWOA: Network for Animal Health and Welfare in Organic Agriculture, Clermont-Ferrand, France, 21-24 October 2000.

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Document available online at: http://www.veeru.reading.ac.uk/organic/ProceedingsFINAL.pdf


Part A: Human-animal relationship: stockmanship and housing
Part B: Reports on on-going research and new research concepts
Part C: Posters
Part D: Farm visit
The theme of the 3 rd NAHWOA Workshop was Human-animal relationship: stockmanship and housing in organic livestock systems . The stockperson s ability to understand livestock and to respond to the needs of the domesticated animals is probably the most important building block of animal health and welfare in any livestock production system. It is clear, from the papers presented in the Workshop, that great demands are put on the herdsperson's, shepherd's or flockmaster's ability to adopt new techniques and approaches to husbandry, when a livestock unit converts from intensive, conventional management to organic production system. The importance of stockmanship was notably emphasised also by all presentations discussing housing. These Proceedings include two reports of the discussions from the Workshop and a few papers presented on ongoing research among the NAHWOA partners. It is hoped that the publication of such papers will encourage and inspire research collaboration in the future. In these Proceedings, are also included abstracts from posters presented both in the ClermontFerrand Workshop and in the previous Workshop in Cordoba.
precise content:
Part A: Human-animal relationship: stockmanship and housing
X. Boivin*, B. J. Lensink and I. Veissier: The farmer and the animal: a double mirror
F. Wemelsfelder: Qualitative welfare assessment: reading the behavioural expressions of pigs
M. F. Seabrook: The effect of the operational environment and operating protocols on the attitudes and behaviour of employed stockpersons
M. Vaarst: Daily practice and dialogue - aspects of stockmanship and interhuman relations between farmers and their partners
F. H. De Jonge, M.N.C. Aarts, C.D.M. Steuten and E.A. Goewie: Strategies to improve animal welfare through "good" stockmanship
E. Ofner, B. Amon, Th. Amon & J. Boxberger: Improvement of human-animal relationship needs a reliable measurement tool for animal welfare
L. Schrader: The behaviour of farm animals and its significance for housing design
S. Waiblinger, T. Baars, C. Menke: Understanding the cow - the central role of human-animal relationship in keeping horned dairy cows in loose housing
M.W.P. Bestman: The role of management and housing in the prevention of feather pecking in laying hens
M. Rist, L. Rist and S. Rist: Scientific principles and practical examples of species-specific husbandry
M. Hovi and S. Padel: Discussion report: Stockmanship: Constraints, evaluation and suggestions for improvement
S. Roderick, B. Henriksen, C. Fossing and M. Thamsborg: Discussion report: Human animal relationship and housing: How to translate research into better standards and practice?
Part B: Reports on on-going research and new research concepts
R. Keatinge, D. Gray, C. Marley and B. Coop: Controlling internal parasites without the use of pharmaceutical anthelmintics
A. Martini, P. Tambini, M. Miccinesi, F. Ambrosini,A. Giorgetti, D. Rondina,R. Bozzi, C. Sargentini and M. Moretti: Utilisation of homeopathy in dairy cattle - first results of an Italian trial.
S. Padel: Strategies of organic milk production
Part C: Posters
S. Waiblinger, U. Knierim, and C. Winckler Assessment of animal welfare on organic farms
H.M Vermeer, H. Altena, M. Bestman, L. Ellinger, I. Cranen, H.A.M. Spoolder, T. Baars: Organic pig farms in the Netherlands
A. Martini: Organic productions with "other" animals
C. Fossing, M. Vaarst, C.M. Christensen, S.M. Thamsborg, E.M.Vestergaard, C.L. Ingvartsen and T.W. Bennedsgaard: Improving welfare in organic dairy cattle
B. I. Foseide Henriksen: Effect of organic fodder on prevention of milk fever
Part D: Farm visit
M. Bouilhol and J.P. Lantenois: Report on farm visit: An organic goat farm in Auvergne
List of delegates

EPrint Type:Proceedings
Keywords:organic livestock keeping, human - animal interaction, research-concepts
Subjects: Animal husbandry > Health and welfare
Research affiliation: European Union > Network Animal Health NAHWOA
Related Links:http://www.veeru.reading.ac.uk/organic
Deposited By: Hovi, MS M
ID Code:875
Deposited On:10 Jul 2003
Last Modified:12 Apr 2010 07:27
Document Language:English
Refereed:Not peer-reviewed
Additional Publishing Information:(Accessed 3.7.2003 - NAHWOA-website)
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