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The effect of Cichorium intybus and Lotus corniculatus on nematode burdens and production in grazed lambs

Deane, Joanne C; Warren, John; Findlay, Liz; Dagleish, Mark P; Cork, Susan C; Jackson, Frank and Keatinge, Ray (2002) The effect of Cichorium intybus and Lotus corniculatus on nematode burdens and production in grazed lambs. In: Powell, Jane and et al. (Eds.) Proceedings of the UK Organic Research 2002 Conference, Organic Centre Wales, Institute of Rural Studies, University of Wales Aberystwyth, pp. 89-92.

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This report was presented at the UK Organic Research 2002 Conference. The study was designed to examine the hypothesis that chicory (Cichorium intybus) and Lotus sp. (Lotus corniculatus) have the potential to affect the naturally acquired nematode burden in grazed lambs. Organic male castrate lambs (48) with a naturally acquired parasite burden grazed replicate combination plots (0.6 ha) of chicory, Lotus corniculatus, perennial ryegrass (Lolium perenne) and white clover (Trifolium repens). Lamb performance was determined by weekly weight gain and condition score assessments. Nematode burden was assessed by individual lamb faecal egg count (FEC) before and after drenching (levamisole). The range of parasitic helminths present was assessed by faecal culture and by total worm counts performed on a proportion of the lambs at slaughter. Weekly pasture larval counts (PLCs) were conducted on the trial plots. A concurrent small plot study (6 x 1m2 replicates) of each of the forages used in the grazing trial was run to assess the potential effect of forage type on the development and survival of Teladorsagia circumcincta assessed by weekly PLCs. Preliminary data suggest that lambs grazing chicory or a combination of lotus and chicory had lower FECs than those grazing PRG/WC, however there was no significant difference in the total worm counts.

EPrint Type:Conference paper, poster, etc.
Type of presentation:Paper
Keywords:Colloquium of Organic Researchers; COR; chicory; Lotus corniculatus; nematodes; sheep; lambs; forages; grassland
Subjects: Crop husbandry > Production systems > Pasture and forage crops
Animal husbandry > Production systems > Sheep and goats
Animal husbandry > Health and welfare
Research affiliation: UK > Colloquium of Organic Researchers (COR) > COR 2002
UK > Other organizations
UK > Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA)
UK > Univ. Aberystwyth > Institute for Biological, Environmental and Rural Sciences (IBERS)
Deposited By: Powell, Ms Jane
ID Code:8371
Deposited On:11 Oct 2006
Last Modified:12 Apr 2010 07:33
Document Language:English
Refereed:Not peer-reviewed

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