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Vitamininnehållet i mjölk från ekologiska och konventionella besättningar

{Project} Vitamininnehållet i mjölk från ekologiska och konventionella besättningar. [Vitamins in milk from organic and conventional diary farms.] Runs 2006 - 2007. Project Leader(s): Emanuelsson, Ulf, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, SLU .

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The content of vitamins in milk is important for the human consumer, the calf, the health of the cow, as well as for the quality of the dairy product. There is a lack of knowledge about the vitamin and selenium content in organic milk in Sweden, especially in comparison to conventional milk, although there are studies indicating that there are differences. In this study, 40 herds, 20 organic and 20 conventional, was visited during the autumn 2005 and will be visited during spring 2006, where samples from the bulk tank are taken. The farmers were also instructed to take samples in the period between the visits, and to store the samples frozen until pick-up. The contents of vitamin A and E and selenium in the milk samples will be analysed and differences between farms will be investigated using multivariable mixed linear regression models. Effects of other herd characteristics such as herd size, breed, milk production, as well as effects of season, will also be studied.

EPrint Type:Project description
Location:Department of Clinical Sciences
P.O. Box 7019
SE-750 07 Uppsala
Keywords:vitamin A, E and selenium content
Subjects: Food systems > Food security, food quality and human health
Research affiliation: Sweden > Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) > Department of Clinical Sciences
Research funders: Sweden > Swedish Farmers' Foundation for Agricultural Research SLF
Project ID:H0530156
Start Date:1 January 2006
End Date:31 December 2007
Deposited By: Karlsson, Miriam Frida
ID Code:7789
Deposited On:19 Apr 2007
Last Modified:20 Aug 2009 14:31

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