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Systems development: quality and safety of organic livestock products

Hovi, Malla; Walkenhorst, Michael and Padel, Susanne (Eds.) (2005) Systems development: quality and safety of organic livestock products. . Proceedings of 4th SAFO Workshop, Frick, 17.03.2005 - 19.03.2005.

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Document available online at: http://www.safonetwork.org/publications/ws4/SAFOmaster4.pdf


Overview of fourth SAFO Workshop:
Ninety-eight delegates from 19 countries attended the 4th SAFO Workshop. Previous Workshops had focused on the production system but the plenary papers at this meeting focused specifically on food quality and safety of organic livestock products.
The Workshop programme contained five formal plenary sessions including poster presentations, working group discussions and a field visits to a range of organic livestock farms. The plenary sessions had a total of 21 presentations (which can be viewed on the SAFO website) and focused on the following aspects of quality and safety of organic livestock products:
Plenary 1. Perspectives of different stakeholders
Plenary 2. Research on quality aspects of organic livestock products
Plenary 3. Impact of veterinary medicinal inputs on product quality and safety
Plenary 4. Research on food safety aspects of organic livestock products
Plenary 5. Future development of food safety and quality in organic livestock products
Foreword (M. Hovi, M.Walkenhorst, S. Padel)
In Memoriam Jan Zastawny
- The analysis of forage quality and grasslands utilization for livestock production on organic farms (J. Zastawny, H. Jankowska-Huflejt and B. Wrobel)
Part A: Quality concept and organic livestock products
- Quality of organic livestock products (M. Walkenhorst)
- Consumer expectations of quality of organic livestock products: how can premiums be justified? (J. Bachmann)
- Producer expectations of quality of organic livestock products (R. Fuhrer)
- Organic production and nutrimarketing strategy of ‘Hungaricums’ of animal orgin (V. Szente, G. Tarnavolgyi, Sz. Berke, O. Szigeti and Z. Szakaly)
Working Group Reports:
- Differences in quality and safety expectations between stakeholders re. organic livestock produce and suggestions on how this can be addressed
- Report of the working group discussion on the draft IFOAM principles in relation to animals
Part B: Quality and safety of organic livestock products
- Studies comparing the composition of milk produced on organic and conventional dairy farms in th UK (K.A. Ellis, W.G. McLean, D.H. Grove-White, P.J.Cripps, C.V. Howard and
M. Mihim)
- The influence of the grazing season on polyunsaturated fatty acids content in cow milk fat from Bieszcady Reigion of Poland (K. Sloniewsji, T. Sakowski, A. Jozwik and E. Rembailkowska)
- Minimal processing of dairying products (B. Rehberger, P. Eberhand and H.P. Bachmann)
- Aflatoxins in milk (organic and biodymanic) marketed in Florence area (A. Martini, G. Lorenzini, J. Labrada Ching, F. Riccio, F. Cervelin, G. Betti, R.Giannelli and S. Pieri)
- The comparison of intensive and extensive pasture feeding for dairy cows on a Bohemian farm (B. Cermak, V. Koukolova, F. Lad and B. Slipka)
- Selecting dairy cows for organic farming (W.J. Nauta and H. Bovenhuis)
- Carcass yield and meat quality of organic pig production (A. Sundrum)
- Salmomonella infection risk associated eith ooutdoor organic pork production (A.N. Jensen and D.B. Baggesen)
- East Balken Swine in Bulgaria- an option for organic production (S.G. Ivanova-Peneva and A. Stoykov)
- Enhanced biodiversity and the perceived risk to food safety: Campylobacter and poultry (J. O’Brien, L. Woodward and B.D. Pearce)
- Organic egg production in Finland- animal health, welfare and food safety issues (A. Virtala, U. Holma, M. Hovi, M. Aniñen, T. Hyyrynen, L. Rossow, H. Kahiluoto and A. Valros)
- Assessment of current procedures for animal food production chains and critical control points regarding their safety and quality: preliminary results from the Organic HACCP project (G.S. Wyss and K. Brandt)
- Assessing the risk from mycotoxins for the organic food chain: results from Organic HACCP project and other research (G.S. Wyss)
Working Group Report:
- Food quality research of organic animal products: future research needs and implications for standards
Part C: Veterinary medicinal inputs: Impact on product quality and food safety
- Fate of veterinary medicines in the environment (A.B.A. Boxall)
- Are antibiotic-resistant bacteria present on organic livestock farms? (E. Pleydell)
- Is the doubling of withdrawal time a sufficient measure? Evaluations of Oxytetracycline residue persistence in sheep milk (G. Calaresu, G. Leori, C. Testa, G. Marogna and L. Secchi)
- Analysis of disease prevalence and medical treatments in organic dairy herds in the Netherlands (A. Kijstra and J. van derWerf)
- Is Orbesel the answer to mastitis on organic farms? (C. Notz)
- The use of an internal test sealant, Orbseal, as prevenative measure for the dry cow period (W. Schaeren and J. Maurer)
- Health and welfare in organic animal rearig in Spain: what do the veterinarians who advise organic farms say? (R. Garcia Trujillo and J. Fernandez)
- Ruminant health in organic agriculture- a research and development project in Austria (E. Stoger)
- Exploring the potential of clinoptilolite for the control of gastrointestinal nematodes in orgainic sheep production (D. Zygoyiannis)
- WORMCOPS - Worm control in organic production systems for small ruminants in Europe: Towards the implementation of non-chemical sustainable approaches (EU-project: QLK5-CT-2001-1843) (S.M. Thamsborg et al)
Working Group Report:
- Restricted veterinary inputs in organic systems: how should their use be restricted?
Part D: Other posters
- Opportunities for Hungarian organic goat milk producer (O. Szekely and T. Kupai)
- Opportunities for the Hungarian organic sheep and deer farmer (T.Kupai and O. Szekely)
- Native breeds in organic animal production in Hungary (L. Radics and P. Pusztai)
- Limitations to organic livestock production: Turkey as a case study for developing countries (Y. Sayan and M.Polat)
- Opening channels of communication between the Associated Candidate Countries and the EU in ecological farming (L. Radics and J. Nagy)
Part E: Report on SAFO messages
- Key messages from the EU- funded concerted action network Sustaining Animal Health and Food Safety in Organic Farming- results of a participant consulatation
Part F: Standard development work
4th Report from the SAFO Standard Development Group
Preliminary recommendations for the development of organic livestock standards in relation to animal health and food safety-working group feedback
List of delegates

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Animal husbandry > Health and welfare
Animal husbandry > Feeding and growth
Research affiliation: European Union > Animal Health and Food Safety SAFO
Related Links:http://www.safonetwork.org/workshops/ws4/index.html, http://www.safonetwork.org
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