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Wirkung biologisch-dynamischer Präparate in Rebbergen

{Project} Bio-dynamic preparations in vine production: Wirkung biologisch-dynamischer Präparate in Rebbergen. [Effect of bio-dynamic preparations in vine production.] Runs 2003 - 2008. Project Leader(s): Levite, Dominique and Weibel, Franco, Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (FiBL), CH-5070 Frick .

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Document available online at: http://www.fibl.org/de/schweiz/forschung/anbautechnik-pflanzenbau.html


State of the Art:
The majority of vine bio-dynamic growers report positive experiences in terms of plant production but also wine quality. However, quantitative and scientifically proved data are not available. However there is a high interest of the wine growers for appoved data on the efficiency of the bio-dynamic preparations. As in other countries bio-dynamic viticulture is rapidly growing in Switzerland. However, there is very little scientific evidence for the efficiency of the preparations. Thus, science-based recommendations for its use or optimisation cannot be given.
Project aims including target group:
To show the quantitative effects of bio-dynamic preparations on parameters of plant growth, disease tolerance, soil properties and finally also on vine quality. An additional goal of the project is the management improvement of the bio-dynamic growers participating in the trials. The results may show possibilities to optimize the standard and the specific bio-dynamic management measures of the growers.
In 2003 the project team that includes 4 bio-dynamic growers installed an On-Farm trial on 4 different sites of bio-dynamic vine farms. At each site 4 different treatment blocks are separated: a) with preparation 500 and with prep. 501; b) with 500 alone; c) with 501 alone; d) no preparations. Several times of the year plant growth and health is assessed. Vine quality is assessed by separated microvinifcation per treatment and site. The management of the 4 vineyards is harmonized.
Results, conclusion, state of the art:
First results do not show differences in disease incidence. There was a tendency found for more chlorophyll in leaves where prep. 501 is applied. At two sites there was a tendency for improvement of the quality of soil aggregates where 500 is applied.

Summary translation

Involved organisations, project partners:
Verein für biologisch-dynamische Landwirtschaft
„Beiträge“ 9.05; 10-11; Internal reports

EPrint Type:Project description
Keywords:Vine production, bio-dynamic, On-Farm, soil, disease, preparations 500, 501, Bioweinbau, Bio-dyn. Präparate
Subjects: Crop husbandry > Production systems > Fruit and berries > Viticulture
Research affiliation: Switzerland > FiBL - Research Institute of Organic Agriculture Switzerland > Crops > Special crops > Winegrowing
Research funders: Switzerland > Swiss Federal Office for Agriculture FOAG
Switzerland > Other organizations
Related Links:http://www.fibl.org/de/schweiz/forschung/anbautechnik-pflanzenbau.html, https://orgprints.org/perl/search/advanced?keywords=Bioweinbau%2C+Bio-dyn.+Pr%C3%A4parate&projects=perennial-crop-production &projects&_satisfyall=ALL&_order=byname&_action_search=Search
Acronym:Bio-dynamic preparations in vine production
Start Date:1 March 2003
End Date:31 March 2008
Deposited By: Levite, Dominique
ID Code:6410
Deposited On:13 Dec 2005
Last Modified:22 May 2020 11:39

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