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Innere Qualität von Bioobst

{Project} Innere Qualität von Bioobst. [Inner Quality of Organic Fruit.] Runs 1997 - 2009. Project Leader(s): Weibel, Franco, Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (FiBL), CH-5070 Frick .

Full text not available from this repository.

Document available online at: https://www.fibl.org/de/standorte/schweiz/departemente/nutzpflanzenwissenschaften.html


State of the Art:
Only few data, from samples of trials situated at only one site are available to answer the question above.
Definition of the problem:
Consumers, retailers, producers and scientists, for different reasons are very interested at the question whether organically grown fruit tastes better and is heathier. Very little comparative data are available.
Project aims:
To analyse and compare different parameters of inner fruit quality (sensorial and health-related) from conventional and organic commercial fruit production.
In a field study including 10 commercial orchards that form 5 comparison pairs (conv./org) at 5 different sites in all important fruit growing regions of Switzerland fruit samples of cultivar Golden Delicous were picked and analysed. We measured: sensorial score, standard fruit quality (sugar, firmness, acidity); mineral content, content of polyphenols, vitamins, nutritional fibres. We also applied holistic methods such as picture forming methods, feeding preference tests with rats, self degradation tests. Since 2004 we also test the potential of the so called Gas Discharge Visualisation method (GDV; Kirlian Photography).
Results, conclusion, state of the art:
Regularly we found increased contents of polyphenols in organic fruit (10-20 % more). In half of the cases, sensory scores were better for organic fruit, case-wise also fibres and phosphorus content were higher in organic fruit. A “Vitality”-Index, derived from the picture forming method, was well in line with the standard quality and revealed repeatedly up to 60 % higher scores for organic fruit.

Summary translation

- Weibel, F. P., R. Bickel, et al. (2000). Are organically grown apple tastier and healthier? A comparative field study using conventional and alternative methods to measure fruit quality. Acta Horticulturae. M. Herregods. Bruxelles, Belgium, ISHS. 517: 417-427.
- Weibel, F. P. and A. Widmer (2004). "Systemvergleichsversuch: Integrierte und biologische Apfelproduktion; Teil III: Innere Qualität - Inhaltsstoffe und Sensorik." Schweiz. Zeitschrift für Obst- und Weinbau 140(7): 10-13.
- Weibel, F P., D. Treutter, et al. (2004). Sensory and Health-related Quality of Organic Apples: A comparative Field Study over three Years using Conventional and Holistic Methods to Assess Fruit Quality. ECO-FRUIT; 11th International Conference on Cultivation Technique and Phytopathological Problems in Organic Fruit-Growing, LVWO, Weinsberg/Germany.

EPrint Type:Project description
Keywords:Organic, fruit, quality, holistic methods, polyphenols, picture forming methods, alternative methods, Bioobstbau, Innere Qualität
Subjects: Crop husbandry > Production systems > Fruit and berries
Research affiliation: Switzerland > FiBL - Research Institute of Organic Agriculture Switzerland > Crops > Special crops > Fruit
Research funders: Switzerland > Coop
Germany > Federal Organic Farming Scheme - BOELN
Related Links:http://www.fibl.org/english/research/perennial-crops/index.php, https://orgprints.org/perl/search/advanced?keywords=Bioobstbau%2C+Innere+Qualit%C3%A4t&keywords_merge=ALL&projects=perennial-crop-production&projects_merge=ANY&_satisfyall=ALL&_order=byname&_action_search=Search
Project ID:MK_1_1
Start Date:1 January 1997
End Date:31 December 2009
Deposited By: Weibel, Franco
ID Code:6289
Deposited On:11 Dec 2005
Last Modified:11 Nov 2020 13:47

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