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Pollenflug, BUWAL

{Project} Pollen-screening: Pollenflug, BUWAL. [Establishment of a monitoring system to survey the appearance and dissemination of genetically modified plants into Switzerland.] Runs 2004 - 2005. Project Leader(s): Oehen, Bernadette, Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (FiBL), CH-5070 Frick .

Full text not available from this repository.

Document available online at: http://www.umwelt-schweiz.ch/imperia/md/content/stobobio/biotech/forschungsprojekte/19.pdf


State of the Art:
This project intends to evaluate and test a monitoring system for the general surveillance of GMPs in Switzerland based on pollen-sampling (Bees, technical pollen sampler) in order to assess the current situation and its evolution.
Comparable studies were conducted in Germany by the Federal Agency for Nature Conservation (Hofmann et al. 2005: www.bfn.de/08/0802.htm)
and in Austria by the Federal Ministry for Health and Women
(Dolezel et al. 2003: www.bmgf.gv.at/cms/site/bestelliste.htm?channel=CH0295)
Definition of the problem:
Until now Switzerland is considered to be “GMP-free” to date. Nevertheless, GMP may already exist in the environment, since several sources for entry exist: Pollen entering from neighbouring countries, GMP contaminated seeds and animal feed, transport of GMP seeds through Switzerland, release from contained systems.
Project aims including target group:
The project intends to develop and test a monitoring system for the appearance and dissemination of GMPs within Switzerland.
DNA array technology and TaqMan PCR assays with known limits of detection will be developed for a fast and reliable detection of transgenic DNA in pollen mixtures by the KLBS.
In addition, the method for collecting pollen samples using honeybees or technical pollen samplers will be evaluated by FiBL

Summary translation

Involved organisations, project partners: Kantonales Labor Basel Stadt

EPrint Type:Project description
Keywords:GMO; GMP; Pollen sampling; Monitoring, Biogene, Pollenflug
Subjects: Food systems > Food security, food quality and human health
Research affiliation: Switzerland > Bundesamt für Umwelt, Wald und Landschaft BUWAL
Switzerland > FiBL - Research Institute of Organic Agriculture Switzerland > Society > Food quality
Research funders: Switzerland > Bundesamt für Umwelt, Wald und Landschaft BUWAL
Related Links:https://www.fibl.org/de/standorte/schweiz/departemente/soziooekonomie/konsum-lebensmittel.html, http://www.bfn.de/08/0802.htm, http://www.bmgf.gv.at/cms/site/bestelliste.htm?channel=CH0295, http://www.umwelt-schweiz.ch/buwal/de/fachgebiete/fg_biotechnologie/index.html, http://www.kantonslabor-bs.ch/allgemeines.cfm, http://www.vdi.de/vdi/organisation/schnellauswahl/fgkf/krdl/aktiv/11954/index.php, http://www.bfn.de/08/0802.htm, http://www.bmgf.gv.at/cms/site/bestelliste.htm?channel=CH0295, https://orgprints.org/perl/search/advanced?addtitle%2Ftitle=&addtitle%2Ftitle_merge=ALL&authors=&authors_merge=ALL&editors=&editors_merge=ALL&abstract%2Fengabstract=&abstract%2Fengabstract_merge=ALL&keywords=Biogene%2C+Pollenflug&keywords_merge=ALL&subject
Project ID:StoBoBio/Bio/04/18, LQ 3.6
Start Date:1 July 2004
End Date:31 July 2005
Deposited By: Oehen, Dipl. bot. Bernadette
ID Code:5691
Deposited On:07 Oct 2005
Last Modified:15 Dec 2020 13:11

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