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Enhancing AMF Inoculation Success Through Microbiome Diagnostics

Bodenhausen, Natacha (2023) Enhancing AMF Inoculation Success Through Microbiome Diagnostics. Paper at: Biodiversity Seminar: Enhancing AMF Inoculation Success Through Microbiome Diagnostics, WSL Birmensdorf, Switzerland, October 25th, 2023. [Completed]

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Summary in the original language of the document

To mitigate the environmental impact of mineral fertilizers, which includes biodiversity loss and waterway eutrophication, exploring alternative options is crucial. Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi (AMF) offer one such solution, as they engage in symbiotic relationships with most plant species, enhancing growth by providing essential nutrients like phosphorus. However, the success of AMF inoculation is context dependent. To tackle this, we are developing “microbiome diagnostics” to better predict successful AMF inoculation.
The proposed approach involves two steps. The first step is to predict the soil microbiome based on the soil properties. We carried out on-farm experiments in 54 fields, analyzing the physical-chemical properties of the soil and characterizing fungal communities through sequencing. Using redundancy analysis, we constructed a predictive model for the soil microbiome. The second step is to predict AMF inoculation success based on soil properties and the soil microbiome. The abundance of pathogenic fungi during spring season emerged as robust predictor.
Ultimately, the merging of both steps is necessary to eliminate the need for expensive and time-consuming sequencing. Improving the predictability of AMF inoculation success could enhance the efficiency of biofertilizers and thus lead to more sustainable agriculture.

EPrint Type:Conference paper, poster, etc.
Type of presentation:Paper
Keywords:mycorrhizae, crop production, prediction, Abacus, FiBL10206, FiBL10188, FiBL10113
Agrovoc keywords:
crop production
prediction -> forecasting
Subjects: Soil > Soil quality > Soil biology
Research affiliation: Switzerland > FiBL - Research Institute of Organic Agriculture Switzerland > Soil > Nutrient management
Related Links:https://www.wsl.ch/en/events-and-courses/biodiversity-seminar-enhancing-amf-inoculation-success-through-microbiome-diagnostics/
Deposited By: Bodenhausen, Dr Natacha
ID Code:53101
Deposited On:08 Apr 2024 13:41
Last Modified:08 Apr 2024 13:41
Document Language:English
Refereed:Not peer-reviewed

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