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Copper reduction strategies in tomato production (RELACS Practice Abstract)

{Tool} Copper reduction strategies in tomato production (RELACS Practice Abstract). Creator(s): Trugly, Bence. Issuing Organisation(s): FiBL - Research Institute of Organic Agriculture, IFOAM Organics Europe, ÖMKi - Hungarian Research Institute of Organic Agriculture. (2022)

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Document available online at: https://relacs-project.eu/resources/practical-guidelines/


A copper-free plant protection strategy can prevent copper pollution of the soil and support beneficial organisms. Reducing the use of copper-containing fungicide can also prevent visible spots on the marketable products and increase the product attractiveness to the consumers.

Summary translation

Eine kupferfreie Pflanzenschutzstrategie kann die Kupferverschmutzung des Bodens verhindern und Nützlinge unterstützen. Eine Reduzierung des Einsatzes kupferhaltiger Fungizide kann auch sichtbare Flecken auf den vermarktungsfähigen Produkten verhindern und die Attraktivität der Produkte für die Verbraucher erhöhen.

EPrint Type:Practice tool
Teaser:The tool offers copper reduction strategies in tomato production systems.
What problem does the tool address?:Copper is a widespread fungicide in organic plant protection. It is cheap, easy to use and effective against a variety of diseases. However, its accumulation in the soil causes adverse conditions for beneficial organisms such as earthworms. Therefore, the EU Regulation limits its use to 28 kg/ha over a period of seven years. In the case of organic vegetables, the visible spots caused by copper treatments often generate consumer mistrust.
What solution does the tool offer?:Plant protection begins with the design of the production area
and the selection of variety. The management of the plants and direct plant protection measures with alternative fungicides can decrease the need for copper.
Type of Practice Tool:Practice abstracts
Keywords:copper, vegetables, tomato, soil health
Agrovoc keywords:
soil quality
Subjects: Soil > Soil quality
Crop husbandry > Production systems > Vegetables
Crop husbandry > Crop health, quality, protection
Research affiliation: Switzerland > FiBL - Research Institute of Organic Agriculture Switzerland
Hungary > Hungarian Research Institute of Organic Agriculture
International Organizations > International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements IFOAM > IFOAM EU Group
Horizon Europe or H2020 Grant Agreement Number:773431
Related Links:https://organic-farmknowledge.org/tool/44052, https://organic-farmknowledge.org/tool/44050, https://organic-farmknowledge.org/tool/39813, https://twitter.com/farm_knowledge/status/1531207794254290947, https://www.facebook.com/organicfarmknowledge/posts/505231831389456
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Deposited On:10 May 2022 15:14
Last Modified:30 May 2022 09:40
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