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Vibrations to manipulate pest behaviours: new frontiers in pest control

{Tool} Vibrations to manipulate pest behaviours: new frontiers in pest control. Creator(s): Avosani, Sabina and Verrastro, Vincenzo. Issuing Organisation(s): CIHEAM Bari - Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Bari. Biofruitnet practice abstracts, no. 2. (2022)

[thumbnail of Vibrations to manipulate pest behaviours: new frontiers in pest control] PDF - Published Version - English (Vibrations to manipulate pest behaviours: new frontiers in pest control)

Document available online at: https://orgprints.org/43572


The use of VS for pest control reduce pest populations, are safe (for humans and ecosystems) and are well-accepted by consumers.
Practical recommendation
• VS can be used to manipulate pest behaviours such as landing on the plant, mating, and feeding (Picture 1). Moreover, VS do not harm beneficial insects as they are tailored to a specific pest.
• VS mating disruption is a feasible control against grapevine leafhoppers, given that trellis systems are excellent for transmitting vibrations.
• VS can be applied within any crop by installing poles and wires connected to the VS exciter and a solar panel as an energy source (Picture 2).
• Novel VS pest control strategies for citrus groves are under development at CIHEAM Bari. VS are transmitted to plants by wires to reduce mating and settling of the whitefly pest Alerocanthus spiniferus.
• A VS trap is under development for monitoring the stinkbug Halyomorpha halys within economically important fruit groves (i.e., apple, pear and nut orchards). The device only needs to be placed in strategic spots in the field and will soon be available on the market.
• VS devices can be set up in the orchard either de novo or by adjusting the system according to farmers’ needs.
• Vibrational devices will soon be integrated into the farmers’ toolbox for pest control, providing sustainable control techniques compatible with other organic approaches (i.e., biocontrol agents). Indeed, farmers should stay tuned and keep in contact with VS pest control providers.

EPrint Type:Practice tool
What problem does the tool address?:Many insect pests do not (or partially) rely on odours for finding a mate, so pheromones and other chemical stimuli are ineffective for their management.
What solution does the tool offer?:Vibrational signals (VS) play a crucial role in the mating of these species and can provide effective and sustainable control strategies to manipulate pest behaviours.
Type of Practice Tool:Practice abstracts
Keywords:crop production, citrus, plant protection, integrated pest management, biodiversity
Agrovoc keywords:
crop production
plant protection
integrated pest management
Subjects: Environmental aspects > Biodiversity and ecosystem services
Crop husbandry > Production systems > Fruit and berries
Research affiliation: European Union > Horizon 2020 > Biofruitnet
Italy > IAMB Mediterranean Agronomic Institute Bari
Horizon Europe or H2020 Grant Agreement Number:862850
Related Links:https://organic-farmknowledge.org/tool/43572, https://www.facebook.com/organicfarmknowledge/posts/433668231879150, https://twitter.com/farm_knowledge/status/1492041628332220416
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Deposited By: Basler, Andreas
ID Code:43572
Deposited On:01 Feb 2022 17:05
Last Modified:07 Mar 2022 08:54
Document Language:English

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