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Report on alternatives to contentious inputs (WP SOIL)

Oudshoorn, Frank; Kristensen, Cecilie; Løes, Anne-Kristin; Caceres, Rafaela; Kir, Alev; Pecenka, Ralf; Knebl, Lucas; Postawa, Przemyslaw; Stachowiak, Tomasz; Szczypior, Agnieszka; Montemayor, Erica; Malinska, Krystyna; Zikeli, Sabine; Conroy, Judith; Rayns, Francis and Schmutz, Ulrich (2019) Report on alternatives to contentious inputs (WP SOIL). Organic-PLUS deliverables, no. Deliverable 5.2. .

[thumbnail of D5_2 Alternatives to c inputs.pdf] PDF - Published Version - English


This report is based on the structure of deliverable D5.1 of the Organic-PLUS project (Løes et al., 2018), where we studied the input of peat, plastic and fertilisers in 10 European countries participating in the project. Whereas that deliverable sought to explore the main inputs used in each country, in selected (mostly) horticultural crops where we expected the use of inputs to be most significant, this report summarises the input use across countries for peat, plastic and fertilisers, and puts a special emphasis on the cases where our informants told about alternatives to these, sometimes contentious, inputs. We have expanded on some alternatives where further work is to be conducted as a part of the Organic- PLUS project activities. We have also described other alternatives. However, as each of the topics (peat for growing media, plastic for mulching and fertilisers derived from non-certified organic production)is broad and complex, this report is not a complete review of all possible alternatives. Changes in crop rotations and farming system design may be required to completely phase out some contentious inputs. Such changes go beyond the scope of this report.
The report gives a review of on alternatives to the contentious inputs peat, fossil based plastic, and fertilisers from conventional origin. For vegan organic production a special paragraph in the fertiliser chapter describes the challenges for this system. The reviewed alternatives are primarily based on those described in D5.1, for specific crops grown by farmers in the project countries. Here alternatives (substances and management measures) that are actually used in practice were gathered. Often the use of the contentious inputs is practiced because there is a lack of alternatives, or the efficiency of alternatives is not documented or more expensive. The main topics fertilisers, peat, and fossil based plastic are described and discussed in separate chapters.

EPrint Type:Report
Keywords:growing media, peat, degradeable plastic, organic fertilisers, Organic Plus
Agrovoc keywords:
growing media
Subjects: Crop husbandry > Composting and manuring
Food systems > Recycling, balancing and resource management
Crop husbandry > Production systems > Vegetables
Crop husbandry > Weed management
Research affiliation: European Union > Horizon 2020 > Organic-PLUS
Horizon Europe or H2020 Grant Agreement Number:774340
Related Links:https://organic-plus.net/
Deposited By: Løes, Anne-Kristin
ID Code:40080
Deposited On:23 Jun 2021 09:24
Last Modified:06 Jul 2021 12:47
Document Language:English
Refereed:Not peer-reviewed

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