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Use of natural immunity for controlling red mark syndrome in farmed rainbow trout

Schmidt, Jacob Günther (2021) Use of natural immunity for controlling red mark syndrome in farmed rainbow trout. [Naturlig immunitet som en metode til forebyggelse af rødpletsyge i opdrættede regnbueørreder.] Organi E-print, 12 January 2021, pp. 1-3. [Submitted]

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Red mark syndrome (RMS) is a bacterial disease that causes red wound-like marks on farmed rainbow trout. The disease is not lethal, but often occurs in portion-sized fish and makes them less attractive for human consumption, hereby lowering their value. A vaccine does not exist for RMS, but the disease may be treated with antibiotics. However, this implies several drawbacks, such as risk of development of antimicrobial resistance. Furthermore, the use of antibiotics in organic farming is restricted by the legislation.
To find means of coping with RMS, ShelterFish investigates whether early establishment of natural immunity by deliberately exposing the fish to RMS at a young age can be used to prevent later outbreaks.
The initial experiments have so far been promising: fingerlings exposed to RMS under controlled conditions did get the typical red marks of RMS without associated mortality. If ShelterFish finds that the pre-exposed fish do not get RMS during a second experimental RMS exposure after a year, the next step will be to develop a strategy for efficient implementation into practice on the trout farms.

Summary translation

Rødpletsyge (red mark syndrome, RMS) er en bakteriel sygdom, som forårsager røde pletter i huden på opdrættede regnbueørreder. Sygdommen er ikke dødelig, men optræder hyppigt hos slagtemodne fisk og gør dem mindre attraktive til humant konsum med værditab til følge. Der findes ingen vaccine mod RMS. Selvom sygdommen kan behandles med antibiotika, er der flere ulemper herved, bl.a. risiko for udvikling af antibiotikaresistens. Desuden er brug af antibiotika stærkt begrænset i regelsættet for økologisk akvakultur.
I ShelterFish undersøges om RMS hos voksne fisk kan forebygges ved tidligt at etablere naturlig immunitet i små fisk, der gennemlever sygdommen.
De første forsøg har vist lovende resultater. Efter kontrolleret smitte udviklede de små fisk de typiske røde pletter uden at dø af det. Hvis resultaterne fra ShelterFish viser, at disse små fisk ikke udvikler RMS, når de geneksponeres som store, vil næste trin være at udvikle en strategi for implementering af metoden i praksis på ørreddambrugene.

EPrint Type:Newspaper or magazine article
Keywords:Red mark syndrome (RMS), rainbow trout, natural immunity, Midichloria-like organism (MLO)
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Subjects: Animal husbandry > Health and welfare
Research affiliation: Denmark > Organic RDD 4 > ShelterFish
Deposited By: Jokumsen, Senior Advisory Scientist Alfred
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Deposited On:20 Jan 2021 11:59
Last Modified:20 Jan 2021 11:59
Document Language:English
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