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Probleme konventioneller Hersteller beim Einstieg in die Öko-Vermarktung

Dienel, Dr. Wolfram (2005) Probleme konventioneller Hersteller beim Einstieg in die Öko-Vermarktung. [Problems of Food Industry in the Transition toward Organic Markets.] In: Heß, J and Rahmann, G (Eds.) Ende der Nische, Beiträge zur 8. Wissenschaftstagung Ökologischer Landbau, kassel university press GmbH, Kassel.

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Document available online at: http://oekomarkt-erschliessung.de


Large food companies rarely produce organic products in Germany. Core problems on the economic level are:
• The target groups of the organic market are too small. Market increase requires the exploration of new target groups beyond the typical consumer of organic food.
• Small units lead to high costs per unit and to a vicious circle of too high prices and buying abstinence (in spite of “eco-affinity”).
• Organizational deficits in the marketing chain and inside enterprises hamper a proactive eco-marketing.
There are also problems at the psychological level: The management in conventional food industry fears discrimination of their conventional range and therefore a loss in total turnover. However, this fear is not supported by any empirical experience. In contrast, positive image spill-over effects from the organic range towards the conventional range could be observed. We observed two reasons for this virtual threat:
• No conviction in the potential for demands of organic products.
• Emotional resistance against the lifestyle criticism of the organic movement.
Prospect: Marketing and organizational problems require an active Marketing-Chain-Management inside and outside of enterprise borders. In a horizontal cooperation processors should develop a joint eco-marketing for their organic supplies. Motivational resistance has to be solved before looking for technical or economical solutions.

EPrint Type:Conference paper, poster, etc.
Type of presentation:Paper
Keywords:Marketing, Verarbeitung, Vermarktungskette
Subjects: Food systems > Markets and trade
Research affiliation: International Conferences > 2005: Scientific Conference on Organic Agriculture
Related Links:http://www.bio-in-markenqualitaet.de
Deposited By: Dienel, Dr. Wolfram
ID Code:3608
Deposited On:05 Mar 2005
Last Modified:12 Apr 2010 07:29
Document Language:German/Deutsch
Refereed:Peer-reviewed and accepted

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