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Der Anbau von Linsen und Erbsen im Gemenge

Boland, E.; Zikeli, Sabine and Gruber, S. (2017) Der Anbau von Linsen und Erbsen im Gemenge. Paper at: 14. Wissenschaftstagung Ökologischer Landbau, Campus Weihenstephan, Freising-Weihenstephan, 07.-10. März 2017.

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In Germany, lentils (Lens culinaris) are traditionally grown in mixture with cereals to reduce lodging and weed pressure. To test semi-leafless pea (Pisum sativum) as an alternative companion crop instead of dwarf oat (Avena sativa), a field trial was conducted in 2015 at the organic research station of the University of Hohenheim, south-west Germany. The three crops were cultivated in pure stands and in ratios of
1:3, 1:1 and 3:1 (lentil : pea or oat). Focus was on comparing lodging resistance, weed suppression, and grain yield. Lodging was low in all mixtures but high in lentil pure stands. Yields were very high for lentils and peas but rather low for oats (3.2 t ha-1, 4.9 t ha-1, and 3.2 t ha-1, in pure stands). Similarly, high lentil yields were achieved in the mixtures lentil-pea 3:1 (3.0 t ha-1), lentil-oat 3:1 (2.9 t ha-1), and lentil-oat 1:1 (2.7 t ha-1). Compared with pure stands, land use efficiency was up to 20 % higher in
lentil-pea mixtures and up to 33 % higher in lentil-oat mixtures. When compared with lentil pure stands, weed biomass was up to 26 % (lentil-pea 1:3) lower in mixtures with pea and up to 61 % (lentil-oat 1:1) lower in mixtures with oat. Overall, semi-leafless pea is a good alternative to dwarf oat as a companion crop for lentils.

EPrint Type:Conference paper, poster, etc.
Type of presentation:Paper
Keywords:Lens culinaris, Pisum sativum, support crop, mixing ratio, LER, Linsen, Erbsen, Gemenge
Subjects: Crop husbandry > Crop combinations and interactions
Crop husbandry > Production systems > Cereals, pulses and oilseeds
Research affiliation: International Conferences > 2017: Scientific Conference German Speaking Countries > Pflanzenbau
Germany > University of Hohenheim
Deposited By: Hasreiter, Anna
ID Code:31902
Deposited On:04 Jul 2017 17:21
Last Modified:04 Jul 2017 17:21
Document Language:German/Deutsch
Refereed:Peer-reviewed and accepted
Additional Publishing Information:Dieser Beitrag ist im Tagungsband der 14. Wissenschaftstagung erschienen.
S. Wolfrum, H. Heuwinkel, H.J. Reents, u.a. (Hrsg.) (2017): Ökologischen Landbau weiterdenken - Verantwortung übernehmen - Vertrauen stärken. Beiträge der 14. Wissenschaftstagung Ökologischer Landbau, Freising-Weihenstephan, 7.-10. März 2017
Verlag Dr. Köster, Berlin

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