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Integrated forage and livestock production

Hermansen, John E. and Kristensen, Troels (2004) Integrated forage and livestock production. In: Hopkins, Alan (Ed.) Organic Farming: Science and Practice for Profitable Livestock and Cropping, The British Grassland Society (37), pp. 61-72.

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Integrated forage and livestock production can be considered at the farm level and at the herd or animal level. At the farm level it is relevant to consider the overall utilization of N in the system in relation to crops and livestock. It is demonstrated that in organic dairy production a high transformation efficiency of N from input to edible products can be achieved compared, with conventional production. In addition, combining dairy and pig production allows an even higher N utilization. At the herd level the quality of grass or clover-grass based forage is extremely important. This holds for the overall intake and milk production in dairy cows and for the intake of clover-grass by grazing sows. In addition the composition of the sward should be considered in relation to the influence of specific plant species on the development of endoparasitic infections in ruminants and on the wear strength in relation to free-range pig production.
For dairy production it is proposed that a strategy including only 20% concentrates (or cereals) of the dry matter in a total diet based on clover-grass and clover-grass silage represenst an efficient milk production without impairing the health of the cows.

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Keywords:livestock production
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Deposited On:06 Apr 2005
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