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Agricultural students' perception of organic farming in selected universities South-western Nigeria?

Fawole, P. O.; Badiru, I. O. and Bello, M. A. (2014) Agricultural students' perception of organic farming in selected universities South-western Nigeria? Masters thesis, University of Ibadana , Agricultural Extension and Rural Development Department. . [draft]

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Environmental, economic and health problems associated with conventional farming were the main factors behind organic farming initiative in Nigeria. The sustainability of the initiative is hinged on the favourable disposition towards it among other issues. This study investigated agricultural students’ perception of organic farming in selected universities, south western Nigeria. Simple random technique was used to select 258 respondents for the study. Data on sources of information, awareness, knowledge and perception of organic farming as well as constraints to organic farming were collected through the use of structured questionnaires. Data were analysed using frequency counts, mean, Chi-square, PPMC and ANOVA. The study revealed that Farm year programme (58.9%) was the most preferred source of information on organic farming and majority of the respondents (77.5%) were highly aware of organic farming. Most of the respondents (62%) had high knowledge of organic farming. However, the use of organic farming was low among many (55%) of the respondents while inadequate storage facilities (48.1%) was the most severe constraint against organic farming in the study area. Many of the respondents (51.6%) had fairly favourable perception of organic farming. Universities (x2=0.021, p= 0.018), department of respondents (x2=0.01, p=0.020), Knowledge (r=0.216, p=0.000) and constraints (r=0.189, p=0.002) were significantly related to perception of organic farming. Respondents were fairly favourably disposed to organic farming. However, the use of organic farming practices was being hindered by inadequate storage facilities. Efforts should be concentrated on providing storage facilities and other support services to further enhance the sustainability of the organic farming initiative among the respondents.
Key words: Perception, Students, Organic farming, Universities and Environment

EPrint Type:Thesis
Thesis Type:Masters
Keywords:Organic farming: This is the farming system in which no synthetic chemicals (fertilizers and pesticides) are used. It eliminates totally, the use of synthetic pesticides, growth hormones, antibiotics or gene manipulation in the crop production system. Perception: This is the process of selecting, organizing and interpreting information inputs to arrive at a convergence meaning. It is the process of attaining awareness or understanding of sensory. Student: This implies a person formally engaged in learning, especially one that enrolled in an institution of secondary or higher education. It may also imply any person who studies, investigates, or examines thoughtfully. University: This is an institution of higher education and research which grants academic degrees in a variety of subjects and provides both undergraduate education and postgraduate education. Environment: The air, water and land in which people, animals and plants live.
Subjects: Farming Systems
Farming Systems > Social aspects
Research affiliation: Nigeria
Deposited By: Bello, Mr Monsuru A
ID Code:28536
Deposited On:22 Dec 2016 20:03
Last Modified:22 Dec 2016 20:03
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