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Bioproduction in the Czech Republic

Moudry, Jan (Jr.); Konvalina, Petr and Kolarova, Pavlina (2007) Bioproduction in the Czech Republic. Lucrări Ştiinţifice, Seria Agronomie, 50 (2007), pp. 277-281.

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Organic farming in the Czech Republic is particularly located in Less Favoured Areas (LFA), which are often overlaid with environmentally sensitive areas. Acreage of organic farming in the Czech republic makes about 6% of the whole agriculture land. At present acreage of organic farming is 281 535 ha. More than 90% share of this acreage represent grasslands. Grasslands are linked with non-milk cattle breeding. Organic farming fulfils its environmental function good in contrast to its production function which is fulfilled much less. As the main product of organic farming in Czech Republic is produced bee, but most of this beef isn’t certified as a bio-product. The amount of bio-products is not sufficient enough and does not cover both market and export need. This absence is also caused by uniform range of bio-production and by insufficient manufacturing capacities. At the same time only 24% of organic farmers can place more than 50% of their production on the market as a bio-product. Important limiting factor for increase of manufacturing capacities are in comparison to EU very strict zoohygienic and veterinary laws and rules, related to animal production. Structure of farming on arable land within organic farming is limited by the system of subsidies. Currently this system is not satisfactory enough to ensure higher motivation for farmers to produce bio-production and farm on arable land. The demand for bio-products outweighs current offer and the resultant difference is covered by import. In contrast with earlier members of EU where the direct sell from farm is the main method of distribution, in the Czech Republic is distribution of bio-products realized by many ways, mainly through selling in supermarkets and specialised shops in cities. In contrast with earlier members of EU, most of organic farms in the Czech Republic feature relatively large acreage. These farms are primarily focused on production and far less on manufacturing. This is one of the reasons of lower share of straight sell from farms.

EPrint Type:Journal paper
Keywords:Organic farming, Bio-production, distribution, structure, manufacturing
Subjects: Food systems
Research affiliation: Czech Republic > University of South Bohemia (JU)
Deposited By: Předotová, Pavla
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Deposited On:09 Jul 2012 07:03
Last Modified:09 Jul 2012 07:03
Document Language:English
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