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New findings in organic farming research and their possible use for Central and Eastern Europe

Sarapatka, Borivoj (Ed.) (2011) New findings in organic farming research and their possible use for Central and Eastern Europe. Bioinstitut. Proceedings of 3rd Scientific Conference 2011, Prague, Czech Republic, 14th – 15th November 2011.

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Document available online at: http://www.bioinstitut.cz/documents/sbornikabstrakt2011_web.pdf


3rd Scientific conference brought an opportunity to share information on recent research finding in organic agriculture in central and Eastern Europe.
Themes of the Proceedings:
- Why do Czech consumers purchase organic food?
- Cost competitiveness of selected agricultural products in conventional and organic farms in Poland
- Raspberry processing by using new separation processes
- Effect of different grassland communities in organic farming on chosen soil properties with focus to carbon
- Influence of flesh colour on the content of major antioxidants in potatoes from ecological growing
- Current situations in organic cereal seed offer in the Czech Republic
Poster section:
- Phenotypic Yield Stability of Five Sweet Corn Hybrids Grown in Organic, Low Input and Conventional Agricultural Systems
- Effects of organic wheat cultivation in wider rows on the grain yield and quality
- Effect of mulching materials on the soil temperature, soil water potential, number and weight tubers of organic potatoes
- Influence of Year and Variety to Production of Ecologically Grown Spring Barley
- Possibilities of legume-cereal intercropping to increase self-suffi ciency with animal fodder in organic farming
- Evaluation of selected traits of proso millet grown under organic and conventional farming systems
- Innovative experience of ecological technologies improvement is on a way to an organic production
- Influence of year and cultivation practice on common buckwheat
- The possibility of use of Trichoderma asperellum in organic field production
- Quality of potatoes from different farming systems
- The comparison of conventional beef production and bio-production using the method of life cycle assessment
- Evaluation of microbiological contamination of sage (Salvia offi cinalis L.) and lemon balm (Melissa offi cinalis L.) herbs
- Requirements on properties and characters of wheat species grown in organic system
- Total Phenolic Content (TPC) of the Grain of Wheat x Spelt Hybrids and Their Parental Forms
- Technological quality of minor spring wheat species from organic farming and possibilities of their utilization.
- Organic Methods of Flax Protection Against Fusarium Wilt.

EPrint Type:Proceedings
Keywords:organic farming, research, Central Europe, Eastern Europe
Subjects:"Organics" in general
Research affiliation: Czech Republic > Bioinstitut
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