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Providing Access, Collation and Analysis of Defra Research for the Organic Sector (OF 0347)

Anon, AN (2009) Providing Access, Collation and Analysis of Defra Research for the Organic Sector (OF 0347). Institute of Organic Training & Advice (IOTA) , Newcastle on Clun.

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The PACA Res project (OF0347) set out to address a new approach to the dissemination of organic research by providing a single archive of research reports and engaging advisers in the process of analysis and communication of the results of research work. This PACA Res project OF0387, is a continuation of that first project, providing ongoing access to the results of organic research and further analysis and dissemination of the results to advisers and producers.
Access to organic research results from the UK was maintained by continuing to undertake the role of UK editor of the Europe-wide Organic Eprints archive www.orgprints.org.
Research Review topics were selected by consultation with advisers and others working in organic farming extension. Reviews of the results of organic research on 2 topics were commissioned by IOTA, collated, analysed and written up by advisers and published in the form of Research Topic Reviews on the IOTA website http://www.organicadvice.org.uk/reviews.htm
2 workshops on the Research Topic Reviews were organised and run by IOTA for advisers and researchers, in order to facilitate collaboration between advisers and researchers, undertake analysis of research and to communicate the results. The workshops were well attended, either at or near maximum capacity.
6 Technical Leaflets were written, subcontracted to advisers with the necessary expertise. The leaflets were published as hard copy, distributed widely within the organic sector and put on the website for free download. http://www.organicadvice.org.uk/technical_leaflets.html
Conclusions and options for the future
Organic Eprints is an effective and user friendly archive for organic research papers, primarily intended for researchers but also useable by advisers.
Collation and analysis of the research on particular topics in Research Topic Reviews is an important and effective method of drawing together the results of a wide spectrum of research and providing an accessible summary for use by advisers. The level of detail is appropriate to the needs of professional advisers wishing to understand the outcome of specific research projects and the background to the recommendations for producers.

EPrint Type:Report
Keywords:research dissemination
Subjects: Knowledge management > Research methodology and philosophy > Research communication and quality
Research affiliation: UK > Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA)
UK > Institute of Organic Training and Advice (IOTA)
Related Links:http://www.organicadvice.org.uk
Deposited By: Padel, Dr Susanne
ID Code:20439
Deposited On:21 Jun 2012 09:16
Last Modified:21 Jun 2012 09:16
Document Language:English
Refereed:Not peer-reviewed
Additional Publishing Information:Final Report to DEFRA (SID 5) of project extension

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