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Preference of organic grown carrorts in a rat model

Jørgensen, Henry; Halekoh, Ulrich and Lauridsen, Charlotte (2011) Preference of organic grown carrorts in a rat model. Poster at: First International Conference on Organic Food Quality and Health Research, Prague, Czech Republic, May 16-20, 2011.

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Food preference tests represent an approach in food quality research, taking advantage of the instinctive feeding behavior of animals by allowing them to choose between food samples. A great number of investigations using laboratory rats concerning essential and/or dangerous contents are based on this method and have shown its effectiveness. The selection of food is influenced to some degree by smell and taste, but mostly by wholesomeness and need. In the present study a preference test was used in order to test eventual selective differences among rats with regard to same composition, but cultivated in three different systems. The experimental diets were formulated to meet the NRC requirements for rats by mixing 40% of freeze dried carrots with an Altromin chow diet. The carrots were from a 2-year field study. The carrots were grown by three different cultivation strategies: one conventional (C) and two organic systems (OA, organic using animal manure; and OB, organic using cover crops).
Wistar female rats (N=30, 15 per year) weighing 230 g, were kept individually in cages, and were arranged in a block design with three blocks of 5 rats. For 5 days, each rat had free access to each of the three kinds of diets (C, OA, OB), and consumption of feed from each of the diet-troughs was measured every day. Thereafter, the rats were offered an ordinary rat chow until the preference test was repeated 2 weeks later. Preferences expressed by daily food-intake were analyzed statistically taking into account the correlations of the choices of a rat per experimental day, and over the course of the experiment. The overall conclusion of the study is that rats show individual preference for the test diets, and that no clear difference among the dietary treatments could be obtained.

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Subjects:"Organics" in general
Research affiliation: Denmark > DARCOF III (2005-2010) > ORGTRACE - Organic food and health
International Conferences > 2011: Organic Food Quality and Health Research
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