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Weed problems in various tillage systems in the Nordic countries

Tørresen, K.S.; Salonen, J.; Fogelfors, H.; Håkansson, S. and Melander, B. (2006) Weed problems in various tillage systems in the Nordic countries. In: Extended abstracts, Nordic Association of Agricultural Scientists, pp. 54-60.

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Document available online at: http://www.njf.nu/filebank/files/20060703$165235$fil$GD85xrqM8HtJKahWNIK3.pdf


There is an increasing use of various forms of reduced tillage or no-tillage in the Nordic countries. This will favour the growth of grass weed species and perennial species. Perennial creeping weeds like Elymus repens, Cirsium arvense, and Sonchus arvensis are important in all Nordic countries. Stationary weeds such as Taraxacum spp., Artemisia vulgaris and volunteer grassland species increase in areas with reduced tillage and especially no-tillage systems. Winter annual and biennial species such as Matricaria perforata, Poa annua, Alopecurus geniculatus and Stellaria media are frequently occuring weeds in reduced tillage systems in all countries, while Alopecurus myosuroides and Apera spica-venti are problems in Denmark and Southern parts of Sweden and Finland.

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Keywords:weeds, tillage systems
Subjects: Crop husbandry > Weed management
Research affiliation: Finland
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