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Landscape population genetics and the role of organic farming

Marchi, Chiara ; Andersen, Liselotte Wesley; Holm, Lars-Erik and Loeschcke, Volker (2009) Landscape population genetics and the role of organic farming. Poster at: Conservation Genetics, Trondheim, Norway, 23 May - 26 May 2009.

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This project aims at understanding the effect of different farming systems on the genetic diversity of common agricultural species. It is well known that organic farming generally improves the biodiversity and abundance of species in the agricultural landscape (Hole et al., 2005). A reduction in species number and abundance has been shown as a result of the intensification of farming suggesting a relationship between farming intensity and species abundance (e.g. Stoate et al., 2001). Anyway, none of the studies that investigated the effects of pesticides presence and farming intensity has investigated the effect
on the genetic diversity and isolation of the populations.
It has been shown that, despite the theoretical expectations, also very abundant species like Abax parallelepipedus can be divided in isolated and genetically distinct populations within very few years in response to human activity (e.g. construction of streets: Keller et al., 2004). Therefore, we chose two common agricultural species (field vole, Microtus agrestis, and a non-pest ground beetle, Bembidion lampros) belonging to different taxa and with different dispersal abilities, to
investigate the effect of pesticide use and intensiveness of farming on their genetic structuring and diversity.

EPrint Type:Conference paper, poster, etc.
Type of presentation:Poster
Subjects:"Organics" in general
Research affiliation: Denmark > DARCOF III (2005-2010) > REFUGIA - The role of Organic Farms as refugia for biodiversity
Deposited By: Andersen, Dr Liselotte Wesley
ID Code:16304
Deposited On:28 Sep 2009 07:56
Last Modified:26 Sep 2011 15:23
Document Language:English
Refereed:Peer-reviewed and accepted

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