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A holistic framework for the analysis of landscape changes following organic farming

Levin, Gregor (2003) A holistic framework for the analysis of landscape changes following organic farming. National Environmental Research Institute , Department for Policay Analysis. [Unpublished]

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Document available online at: http://www.kursus.kvl.dk/soar/


In this paper I reflect on the design of an appropriate methodological framework for my Ph.D.-project. Holism is widely recognised a vital concept for research on human-environment relationships. This is especially the case when agriculture’s impact on land-scapes is studied. Thus, for my study on landscape changes following conversion to or-ganic farming, I discuss holism in terms of its relevance in principal and in terms of its actual practicability. I recognise that a holistic angle is decisive in order to analyse and understand the spatial and temporal dynamics of the landscape and the multitude forces and processes that have a bearing on them. Keeping a general holistic concept in mind can elucidate factors and processes that might be overlooked in a purely reductionistic ap-proach and a holistic concept can thus prevent from drawing inadequate and premature conclusions. Additionally, in order to explain spatial and temporal dynamics in the physi-cal landscape, I discuss the integration of quantitative and qualitative methods. Quantita-tive data can point to statistical tendencies and relations. However, the underlying causes and processes, especially when these concern human activities and decision taking, can only be detected with qualitative information. Based on these considerations I suggest a holistic framework for my study where quantitative and qualitative methods in a com-plementary sense can contribute to a to a profound description and understanding of landscape changes following conversion to organic farming.

EPrint Type:Other
Keywords:landscape, holism, temporal scale, spatial scale
Subjects: Environmental aspects > Landscape and recreation
Research affiliation: Denmark > DARCOF II (2000-2005) > III.5 Nature quality in organic farming
Deposited By: Levin, PhD Geography Gregor
ID Code:1364
Deposited On:07 Oct 2003
Last Modified:12 Apr 2010 07:28
Document Language:English
Refereed:Not peer-reviewed

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