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Future perspective for animal health on organic farms: main findings, conclusions and recommendations from SAFO Network

Rymer, Caroline; Vaarst, Mette and Padel, Susanne (Eds.) (2006) Future perspective for animal health on organic farms: main findings, conclusions and recommendations from SAFO Network. University of Reading, SAFO - Sustaining Animal Health and Food Quality in Organic Farming. Proceedings of 5th SAFO Workshop, Odense, Denmark, 1 June 2006.

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Document available online at: http://www.safonetwork.org/workshops/ws5/index.html


This workshop was a .The focus of the final SAFO workshop was the conclusions and main messages from the SAFO network that were presented and further discussed in a one day satellite workshop to the Joint Organic Congress ‘Organic Farming and European Rural Development’ in Denmark. David Younie presented a report from the five roadshows held in new and preaccession member states, while Albert Sundrum presented the activities and recommendations of the working group on standard development. Both papers highlight the diversity in physical and social conditions throughout Europe, and how this diversity affects organic livestock systems. Recognising this diversity has formed the basis for the discussions throughout the project, and acts as a background for the recommendations from the network for the future implementation and further development of organic livestock production in Europe. Kim Boesen from the DG Agriculture introduced the Commission’s proposal for a total revision of the EU regulation (2091/92), and this allowed the network to better reflect on its ideas and recommendations in the ongoing debate. Certification of and advisory services for organic livestock farming was the focus of the second plenary discussion. Previous SAFO workshops have concluded that implementing standards at farm level does not always result in the high ideals of the organic principles being met. This seems to be the case in countries with both a long and short history of organic farming. Therefore, one of the recommendations was to look not only at the farm-level livestock production system (that is, what the farmer does), but also consider the animals themselves (use of animal-based parameters) in certification. The arguments for this approach, and its practical application, were the focus of one of the sections.
Smaller Working Group Discussions were held in parallel during the workshop, and reports from these discussions are also included in this set of proceedings. These discussions illustrate a fitting closing remark of the SAFO project: the project may end, but challenges will continue to arise, and therefore discussion between the stakeholders must also continue. SAFO was also involved in organising three themes at the Congress together with the QLIF project (www.qlif.org). These are ‘Development of livestock production systems’ (32 papers), ‘Animal health and disease handling’ (22 papers) and ‘Organic animal products: quality and safety’ (11 papers) which can be found in this archive and are not included in these Proceedings.
Table of Content
Foreword (M. Vaarst, S. Padel and C. Rymer)
Part A: Summary of the outcomes of SAFO
Report of one-day roadshows in five new and candidate EU member states (D. Younie, R. Leming, G. Mihai, O. Ondrasovicova, E. Selegovska, A. Sundrum, G. Takac and M. Vaarst)
Challenges for animal health and welfare in the implementation of the EU legislation on organic livestock production: analysis of questionnaire survey among SAFO participants (M. Vaarst, S. Padel, G. Arsenos, A. Sundrum, A. Kuzniar, M. Walkenhorst, L. Grøva and B.I.F. Henriksen)
Current and proposed EU legislation on organic livestock production, with a focus on animal health, welfare and food safety: a review (A. Sundrum, S. Padel, G. Arsenos, A. Kuzniar, B.I.F. Henriksen, M. Walkenhorst and M. Vaarst)
Description of the changes regarding livestock production according to the proposal for a new Council Regulation on Organic Production (K.H. Boesen)
Part B: Quality and safety of organic livestock products
Discussion on the current revision of the EU Regulation (2092/91) in relation to the issue of animal health and food safety (M. Bestman and A. Sundrum)
Certification and inspection of organic livestock production (C. Atkinson)
Summary of discussion: Advisory provision related to animal health, food, quality and safety (R. Löser and M. Measures)
Part C: Animal health and welfare in organic inspection and certifying using animal based parameters
Animal health and welfare in organic inspection and certification- which parameters should we use? (T. Leeb, H.R. Whay, M. Hovi and D.C.J. Main)
Adopting the Bristol Protocol in the certification of organic farms (I. Rogerson)
Improving animal health and welfare in Germany (M. Link)
Problems with health and welfare inspection in Latvia (E. Selegovska)
Part D: Conclusions and recommendations from SAFO
The SAFO project: outcomes, conclusions and challenges for the future. (M. Vaarst, S. Padel, D. Younie, A. Sundrum, M. Hovi and C. Rymer)
List of delegates

EPrint Type:Proceedings
Subjects: Values, standards and certification
Animal husbandry > Health and welfare
Research affiliation: Denmark > AU - Aarhus University > AU, DJF - Faculty of Agricultural Sciences
European Union > Animal Health and Food Safety SAFO
UK > Univ. of Reading > VEERU
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