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Production and marketing of organic fruits and vegetables in Morocco

EL MALOUI, Hamid (2002) Production and marketing of organic fruits and vegetables in Morocco. [Production et commercialisation de fruits et légumes biologiques au Maroc.] Thesis, IAMB Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Bari , Organic Agriculture. Tesi Master of Science, no. 277. . [Unpublished]

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Organic agriculture in Morocco is still in its infancy. In absence of domestic market, the whole production is exported towards the European market. Moroccan organic exports of fruits and vegetables are growing sharply. Yet, the exported quantity is still limited. The late establishment of national standards, the lack of public support, the absence of local market and the inadequate marketing structure are the main hindrances of organic production development in the Kingdom. The aim of this study is to identify the opportunities and constraints facing the organic production and marketing, to provide an understanding of the limitations of the existing production system and exports’ strategies, and to suggest how these limitations can be overcome and marketing process of organic horticultural products can be improved. This study was based upon a survey conducted in Morocco and Europe. Interviews were drawn from the whole spectrum of those involved in the production, marketing and assistance of Moroccan organic horticultural products: producers, exporters, processors, importers, public and private institutions.Results show that the sector avails of great potential in terms of production adequacy and diversity, which provides stakeholders various opportunities in the coming years. Yet, there exists a series of weaknesses, which limit the producers’ ability to take full advantage from these potentialities. Public institutions are still far from fully supporting the organic sector, whilst, farmers’ associations and NGO’s are making many efforts for the sector development. Results have allowed to set up the main actions that should be undertaken for the promotion of the sector, the responsibility of the involved actors, and the 'actions’ time scale feasibility

Summary translation

L’agriculture biologique au Maroc est à ces débuts. En l’absence du marché local, l’ensemble de la production est exporté vers les marchés européens. Les exportations nationales de produits biologiques horticoles ont connu une augmentation remarquable. Ainsi, l’absence d’une réglementation nationale, de soutien public, l’inexistence du marché local et l'emploi de stratégies de commercialisation inadéquates sont-ils les principales lacunes qui entravent le développement du secteur.Le présent travail a pour objectif d’identifier les potentialités, les obstacles et les opportunités de la production et de la commercialisation des produits biologiques afin de contribuer à l’élaboration d’une stratégie efficace pour le développement du secteur.Cette étude est axée sur des enquêtes effectuées auprès des acteurs impliqués dans la filière : producteurs, exportateurs, importateurs aussi bien que les institutions publiques et privées engagées. Quant aux résultats obtenus, il s’avère que le secteur a d’énormes potentialités en terme de production, diversité et adaptation aux besoins du marché européen. Cependant plusieurs contraintes persistent.Il est indispensable de déployer plus d’efforts au niveau institutionnel, technique, commercial et social, et impliquer davantage tous les opérateurs de la filière concernés (institutions publiques et privées, producteurs, commerçants, consommateurs) dans le processus de développement et de promotion du secteur biologique au Maroc.

EPrint Type:Thesis
Thesis Type:Master thesis
Keywords:Market, organic fruits and vegetables, marketing strategies, distribution channels, Morocco
Subjects: Food systems > Markets and trade
"Organics" in general > Countries and regions > Morocco
Research affiliation: Italy > IAMB Mediterranean Agronomic Institute Bari
Deposited By: Dr. Driouech, Noureddin Ph.D
ID Code:6472
Deposited On:09 Jan 2006
Last Modified:09 Aug 2011 12:10
Document Language:English
Refereed:Not peer-reviewed

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