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Aver Heino, Centre for Organic Dairy Farming

{Facility} Aver Heino: Aver Heino, Centre for Organic Dairy Farming. Facility Leader(s): Koopman, Ing. W., Animal Sciences Group of Wageningen UR .

Full text not available from this repository.

Online at: http://www.pv.wur.nl/index.asp?praktijkcentra/melkvee/averheino/home/index.asp


The research focuses on all aspects of organic dairy farming.

EPrint Type:Research facility description
Type of Facility:Experimental farm
Location:Netherlands, Central East;
Tel +31 - (0)572 - 391 264
fax +31 - (0)572 - 393 882 
Lemelerveldseweg 32, NL-8141 PV Heino, The Netherlands
Subjects: Knowledge management > Education, extension and communication
Animal husbandry > Production systems > Dairy cattle
Environmental aspects > Landscape and recreation
Research affiliation: Netherlands > Wageningen University & Research (WUR) > Animal Sciences Group ASG
Acronym:Aver Heino
Deposited By: Teenstra, Ing. MIM E.D.
ID Code:5293
Deposited On:30 Aug 2005
Last Modified:20 Aug 2009 14:27

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