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Simple building blocks for improved soil fertility – Look and judge yourself

{Tool} Simple building blocks for improved soil fertility – Look and judge yourself. [Eenvoudige bouwstenen voor een betere bodemkwaliteit – Zelf de bodem onderzoeken en beoordelen.] Creator(s): Danckaert, Freya and Delanote, Lieven. Issuing Organisation(s): Inagro. (2007)

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PDF - Dutch/Nederlands

Online at: https://leden.inagro.be/DNN_DropZone/Publicaties/2393/Eenvoudige%20bouwstenen%20voor%20een%20betere%20bodemkwaliteit.pdf


The guide describes in a practical way and in four steps how farmers can evaluate their soilfertility and soilmanagement: (1) Look to the field and (2) soilsurface, (3) dig a small pit and look and if interested, do (4) some small and simple additional tests such as pricker-test and counting earthworms
The tool is relevant for all people that want to be aware of their soil and it can be used by farmers individually or in discussion with their adviser. With some experience doing these tests becomes second nature.

Summary translation

Deze praktijkgids vertelt hoe je als landbouwer in vier stappen eenvoudig zelf je bodemvruchtbaarheid en bodemmanagement kan evalueren: (1) kijk over het veld en (2) het grondoppervlak, (3) graaf een profielput en beoordeel de grond en indien interesse, (4) doe nog enkele kleine tests zoals de prikstaaf of regenwormtelling.
Deze praktijkgids is relevant voor iedereen die bezorgd is over zijn bodem. Boeren kunnen deze techniek zichzelf eigen maken of erover in gesprek gaan met hun voorlichter. Deze techniek wordt gauw een automatisme.

EPrint Type:Practice tool
Teaser:Judge in 4 simple steps your soil and soilmanagement in the field.
What problem does the tool address?:How to judge my soil and my soilmanagement myself?
What solution does the tool offer?:The guide describes some simple tools to evaluate soilfertility and soilmanagement that easily can be done by farmers.
Type of Practice Tool:Leaflets & guidelines
Theme:Soil quality and fertility
Keywords:arable farming, soil cultivation, soil quality, soil structure
Keywords:arable farming, soil cultivation, soil quality, soil structure
Agrovoc keywords:
Englisharable farminghttp://aims.fao.org/aos/agrovoc/c_36528
Englishsoil qualityhttp://aims.fao.org/aos/agrovoc/c_a9645d28
Englishsoil structurehttp://aims.fao.org/aos/agrovoc/c_7196
Englishsoil fertilityhttp://aims.fao.org/aos/agrovoc/c_7170
Subjects: Soil
Research affiliation: European Union > Horizon 2020 > OK-Net Arable
Related Links:https://leden.inagro.be/Artikel/guid/2393, https://organic-farmknowledge.org/tool/32814
Project ID:oknet
Deposited By: Jørgensen, Margit
ID Code:32814
Deposited On:22 Mar 2018 14:49
Last Modified:24 Nov 2020 08:12
Document Language:Dutch/Nederlands

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