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Composting leaflet – agroecological approach at your farm


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{Tool} Composting leaflet – agroecological approach at your farm. [Compostbrochure - Agro-ecologische aanpak op jouw bedrijf.] Creator(s): Jamart, An and Willekens, Koen. Issuing Organisation(s): Bioforum Vlaanderen vzw. (2013)

PDF - Dutch/Nederlands (Brochure)
Image (PNG) - Cover Image - English

Online at: http://www.bioforumvlaanderen.be/sites/default/files/Compostbrochure_2013_LR_DEF.pdf


This leaflet will help organic farmers to overcome barriers and get started with on-farm composting. With minimal additional work, vegetable and arable farmers can upgrade crop residues to compost. Compost application can be integrated in the crop rotation and combined with reduced tillage. Also on livestock farms composting can offer added value. Composted manure is more stable, because the decomposition process has already partly taken place. By mixing other materials in the manure, the N/P ratio in the compost can be adjusted. Moreover, composting kills off the pathogens in manure. This leaflet gives an overview of the characteristics of good quality compost and the different steps of making compost. It provides an update of recent compost research in Flanders (Belgium) and examples of real farmers. There is also a section about the legal requirements of making and using compost in Flanders.

EPrint Type:Practice tool
Teaser:Get started with on-farm composting
What problem does the tool address?:At both stockless and mixed farms, on-farm composting helps close the nutrient cycle, increases soil fertility and avoids the spreading of weeds and pathogens.
What solution does the tool offer?:The leaflet offers basic information and real-life examples about on-farm composting
Type of Practice Tool:Leaflets & guidelines
Theme:Soil quality and fertility, Nutrient management
Keywords:arable crops, arable farming, compost, fertilisation strategy, fertiliser, nutrient cycle, nutrient management, organic fertiliser
Keywords:arable crops, arable farming, compost, fertilisation strategy, fertilizer, nutrient cycle, nutrient management, organic fertilizers
Agrovoc keywords:
Englishsoil fertilityhttp://aims.fao.org/aos/agrovoc/c_7170
Englishsoil propertieshttp://aims.fao.org/aos/agrovoc/c_330883
Englishnutrient managementhttp://aims.fao.org/aos/agrovoc/c_330697
Englisharable farminghttp://aims.fao.org/aos/agrovoc/c_36528
Englishnutrient cycling in ecosystemshttp://aims.fao.org/aos/agrovoc/c_12869
Englishorganic fertilizershttp://aims.fao.org/aos/agrovoc/c_4592
Subjects: Crop husbandry > Composting and manuring
Farming Systems > Farm nutrient management
Research affiliation: Belgium > Bioforum Vlaanderen
European Union > Horizon 2020 > OK-Net Arable
Related Links:https://organic-farmknowledge.org/tool/31094
Project ID:oknet
Deposited By: Forschungsinstitut für biologischen Landbau, FiBL
ID Code:31094
Deposited On:13 Jan 2017 07:00
Last Modified:24 Apr 2020 14:22
Document Language:Dutch/Nederlands

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