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ROTOR: organic crop rotation planner

{Tool} ROTOR: organic crop rotation planner. Issuing Organisation(s): Leibniz Centre for Agricultural Landscape Research ZALF. (2007)

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Online at: http://www.zalf.de/en/forschung_lehre/software_downloads/Pages/default.aspx


ROTOR is a long-term planning tool at field level of organic crop rotations for farmers and advisors. The tool assists in the rotation planning for food and fodder provision, and considers furthermore weed management, phytosanitary restrictions in the rotation, helping to maximise N-fixation by legumes and to avoid N-losses by leaching. The newest version includes new crops such as soybean and new management options.
ROTOR operates with two interfaces for data entry form and report of results. Basic and advanced data entry is possible. For a basic query site characteristics, the selection of crop sequences and organic fertilizers is needed. The query can be refined through the modification of advanced settings concerning, yield, manure type, soil condition, legume proportion, cover crops, cultivation breaks, weed control and other.
Results can be used to compare between different crop rotation options aiming at ensuring provisioning, N supply, pest, disease and weed control.
A tool manual explains briefly how to use the planning tool and how to interpret the results.
To go to ROTOR choose „Software for organic agriculture" from the „Software-Downloads“. You will find ROTOR in the drop-down list.
Restricted access: Password needed to open the tool, ask Johann Bachinger: jbachinger@zalf.de

EPrint Type:Practice tool
Teaser:Optimize your crop rotations to keep nutrients and weeds under control!
What problem does the tool address?:Insufficient N-supply, decrease of humus, weeds through mismanagement of the crop
What solution does the tool offer?:Long-term planning at field level to enhance nutrient supply and regulate weeds and diseases
Type of Practice Tool:Calculation tools
Theme:Nutrient management, Pest and disease control, Weed management
Keywords:arable farming, crop rotation, diagnostic tool, disease control, nitrogen fixation, nutrient management, pest control, weed management
Keywords:arable farming, crop rotation, disease control, measuring instruments, monitoring and evaluation, nitrogen fixation, nutrient management, pest control, weed management, weed control
Agrovoc keywords:
Englisharable farminghttp://aims.fao.org/aos/agrovoc/c_36528
Englishcrop rotationhttp://aims.fao.org/aos/agrovoc/c_6662
Englishmonitoring and evaluationhttp://aims.fao.org/aos/agrovoc/c_bea12d1e
Englishmeasuring instrumentshttp://aims.fao.org/aos/agrovoc/c_12457
Englishdisease controlhttp://aims.fao.org/aos/agrovoc/c_2327
Englishnitrogen fixationhttp://aims.fao.org/aos/agrovoc/c_5196
Englishnutrient managementhttp://aims.fao.org/aos/agrovoc/c_330697
Englishpest controlhttp://aims.fao.org/aos/agrovoc/c_5726
Englishweed controlhttp://aims.fao.org/aos/agrovoc/c_8345
Subjects: Crop husbandry > Crop health, quality, protection
Crop husbandry > Weed management
Farming Systems > Farm nutrient management
Research affiliation: European Union > Horizon 2020 > OK-Net Arable
Related Links:http://www.zalf.de, http://beras.eu/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/new-farming-guidelines.pdf, http://www.zalf.de/de/forschung_lehre/software_downloads/Documents/oekolandbau/rotor/Handbuch_ROTOR.pdf
Project ID:oknet
Deposited By: Rasmussen, Ilse Ankjær
ID Code:30580
Deposited On:04 Jan 2017 20:30
Last Modified:08 Jan 2019 12:46
Document Language:English
Additional Publishing Information:on the website, go to "Software for Organic Agriculture" to find the tool.
Restricted access: Password needed to open the tool, ask Johann Bachinger: jbachinger@zalf.de

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