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A new tool to communicate multicriteria assessments in the organic value chain - an animated film

Alrøe, Hugo Fjelsted; Noe, Egon; Smith, Peter; Lykke-Olesen, Andreas and Fog, Erik (2014) A new tool to communicate multicriteria assessments in the organic value chain - an animated film. MultiTrust, Tumblehead.

[img] Video (MP4) - Published Version - English
Available under License Creative Commons Attribution.


Online at: http://youtu.be/UF15_4knPUA


Imagine there is a platform that makes it possible to discuss organics between all parties in the organic food chain based on their individual criteria.
The MultiTrust project has endeavoured to find a tool to solve this challenge: How to make overall assessments of the effects of organic production in such a way that they actually can make a difference in practice. Organic products have to compete against conventional products, and often the organic have difficulties comparing when measured on single criteria. The hall mark of organics is the holistic approach, considering many issues at the same time, and therefore there is a need for overall assessments.
Overall assessments can be very complex and therefore difficult to communicate. And it can be difficult to determine how they can be made simpler, because simplification implies a range of chices on what is important and how to weigh the different criteria. Hence, if the overall assessments are simple, they typically are so by way of hiding information (perspectives, choices and values) in form of indexes or the like.
Organic products are not only prducts that have been produces in accordance with the organic rules. Many producers want to make an extra effort above the standard secured by the organic label.
The organic products harbour qualities that have been determined through a range of choices and actions made in the organic production and in the following processing, transport and trade. Emphasis can be put on the type of organic manure, the design of the orchard to promote natural enimies, how to ensure high animal welfare and well-being, how to save energy in the production, what kind of packaging to use for retailing the products, etc.
When the consumer stands at the refrigerated counter in the shop, and when the farmer spreads straw in the calf box, they know very little about each other and how the other actors in the food chain act, and they have limited options for making contact. But if the initiatives that are made to improve organics are to succeed, then the other actors in the chain have to be able to honour the extra effort. There is a need to commun icate and coordinate across the organic value chain.
The MultiTrust project has illuminated these challenges through a range of analyses, workshops and hearings with representatives of the organic actors and stakeholders. This work has led to the development of a prototype tool that is able to establish contacts across the chain and give the consumers an overview of what has been done in the organic value chain to give the products their particular qualities. The tool is an interactive, internet-based platform where farmers, companies, retailers and consumers can work together to improve organics based on multiple criteria.
The MultiTrust project has produced an animated video to illustrate the problematic and show how the tool can be built and how different actors can be involved.
Se the video on YouTube by following the link after "Online at:"

EPrint Type:Video
Subjects: Knowledge management
Research affiliation: Denmark > Organic RDD 1 > MultiTrust
Deposited By: Alrøe, PhD Hugo Fjelsted
ID Code:26849
Deposited On:11 Sep 2014 15:37
Last Modified:11 Sep 2014 15:37
Document Language:English
Additional Publishing Information:Contributing to MultiTrust Deliverables 3.6.1 and 4.1.1

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