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A win-win for legume mixtures


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Döring, Thomas F.; Crowley, Oliver; Pearce, Helen; Storkey, Jonathan; Brown, Rob and Jones, Hannah (2011) A win-win for legume mixtures. Organic Farming, 2011, 108, pp. 40-41.

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The inter-relationship between food production and biodiversity is now well established. The ecosystem services provided by the organisms within the environment include, for example, nutrient cycling, pest regulation and pollination, to name but a few. However, perhaps the greatest challenge now facing agricultural production is to find ways of enhancing these ecosystem services, while at the same time increasing food production – particularly in light of food security issues. A range of farm and landscape management options include ‘setting aside’ land for wildlife. However, some proponents argue that such land should be used for food production. While the debate continues, there is no doubt that a large body of scientific evidence from the last three decades highlights the wildlife benefits of organic farming. This article will describe how the Legume LINK project has identified a win-win system for biodiversity conservation and increased productivity through legume-base fertility building. Although this project has focused on organic farming systems, it is of direct relevance to non-organic production, particularly with the increasing interest in legumes across the industry.

EPrint Type:Newspaper or magazine article
Keywords:legumes, biodiversity
Subjects: Crop husbandry > Crop combinations and interactions
Crop husbandry
Research affiliation: UK > Organic Research Centre (ORC) - Elm Farm
UK > Rothamsted Research (RES)
UK > Univ. of Reading
Deposited By: Döring, Dr Thomas F.
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Deposited On:03 Dec 2012 19:00
Last Modified:03 Dec 2012 19:00
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