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Impact of consumers' diet choices on greenhouse gas emissions

Risku-Norja, Helmi; Kurppa, Sirpa and Helenius, Juha (2009) Impact of consumers' diet choices on greenhouse gas emissions. In: Proceedings, Finland Futures Research Centre, Turku School of Economics (7/2009), FFRC eBOOK, pp. 159-170.

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Online at: http://www.tse.fi/FI/yksikot/erillislaitokset/tutu/Documents/publications/eBook_2009-7.pdf


This study explores the impacts on agricultural and total GHG emissions of Finnish consumption if the share of animal based food products was reduced and if the share of ecologically produced food was to increase in Finland. GHG emissions associated with production of basic food items were quantified (per capita per annum) for current food consumption, for national standard diet recommendations, for a diet with no milk and beef and for a vegan diet including an oat-based milk susbstitute.
The major source of GHG in primary food production is the cultivated soil. For the present average food consumption the emissions from the soil comprise 62 %, the share of emissions due to enteric fermentation is 24 %, whereas energy consumption and fertilizer manufacture both contribute about 8 %. Because of the extensive production mode, regarding GHG emissions the environmental performance, of organic production is poor.

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Keywords:greenhouse gases, emissions, diet, food production
Subjects: Environmental aspects > Air and water emissions
Research affiliation: Finland > Univ. Helsinki
Finland > Luke Natural Resources Institute
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