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Chable, Véronique; Goldringer, I.; Howlett, Sally; Barberi, Paolo; Miko, P; Mendes-Moreira, P.M.R.; Rakszegi, M; Østergård, Hanne; Borgen, Anders; Finckh, Maria R.; Pedersen, T and Bocci, Riccardo (Eds.) (2014) Diversity strategies for organic and low input agricultures and their food systems. . Proceedings of Solibam Final Congress, Nantes, 7 - 9 July 2014.

{Project} FertOrtoMedBio: Produzione ed utilizzo di substrati per la vivaistica, miglioramento delle teniche di gestione del suolo e delle strategie di fertilizzazione dei sistemi ortofrutticoli mediterranei da reddito condotti con il metodo dell' agricoltura biologica. [Production and utilization of nursery substrates, improvement of soil management techniques and fertilization strategies of Mediterranean fruit and vegetable production systems managed with organic farming method.] Runs 2006 - 2008. Project Leader(s): Sequi, P.; Canali, S. and Tittarelli, F., CRA - ISNP.

Bàrberi, Prof Dr Paolo; Mazzoncini, Prof Marco; Bigongiali, Federica and Antichi, Daniele (2006) SIMBIO-VEG: an interdisciplinary project for improvement of organic systems and meth-ods in arable and vegetable cropping. Paper at: Joint Organic Congress, Odense, Denmark, May 30-31, 2006.

Barberi, Paolo (2013) Functional Agrobiodiversity: The Key to Sustainability? In: Bhullar, Gurbir S. and Bhullar, Navreet K. (Eds.) Agricultural Sustainability - Progress and Prospects in Crop Research. Elsevier (Academic Press), London, Waltham, San Diego, chapter 1, pp. 3-20.

Costanzo, Ambrogio and Bàrberi, Paolo (2013) Functional agrobiodiversity and agroecosystem services in sustainable wheat production. A review. Agronomy for Sustainable Development, online, - .

Mazzoncini, M; Barberi, P; Belloni, P; Cerrai, D and Antichi, D (2006) Sunflower under conventional and organic farming systems: results from a long term experiment in Central Italy. In: Atkinson, C; Ball, B; Davies, D H K; Rees, R; Russell, G; Stockdale, E A; Watson, C A; Walker, R and Younie, D (Eds.) Aspects of Applied Biology 79, What will organic farming deliver? COR 2006, Association of Applied Biologists, pp. 125-129.

Melander, Bo; Rasmussen, Ilse A. and Barberi, Paolo (2005) Integrating Physical and Cultural Methods of Weed Control – Examples from European Research. Weed Science, 53, pp. 369-381.

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