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Development and Software

Organic Eprints runs on Free Software / Open Source software. Open source enables the developers to develop the software in close cooperation with the users, and it enables the users to adapt the software for their present and future purposes.

The Eprints software and the present and future modifications thereof that are used in the Organic Eprints archive, are placed under the GNU General Public Licence.


The Organic Eprints archive is continuously being developed by the administrator in cooperation with editors and users. Changes made and future plans can be found on the Wiki pages for Organic Eprints. You may influence the future plans by contacting the archive administrator (see "Contact us" link at bottom of page).


The archive is based on GNU EPrints archive-creating software, version EPrints 3.3.10. GNU Eprints generates archives that are compliant with the Open Archives Protocol for Metadata Harvesting (OAI 2.0).

Eprints is developed at the Department of Electronics and Computer Science at the University of Southampton, England. The software is available for free from software.eprints.org. For more information on Eprints see eprints.org. Eprints.org also maintains a technical discussion list that supports the use and development of the software.

EPrints.orgDepartment of Electronics and Computer Science University of Southampton

This site furthermore employes and supports the following initiatives and open source software products.

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Credits are due to:
Christopher Gutteridge - Designer and coder of EPrints version 2.
Robert Tansley - Creator of EPrints 1 on which EPrints 2 is based.
Mike Jewell - Pre-release testing. The initial versions of scripts for creating and installing an EPrints 2 package. Some coding assistance.
Al Riddoch - Assistance in writing the "configure" script for the installer.
Gui Power - Adapting the online help for EPrints 2.
Volker Schallehn - Making a standard German language interface for EPrints 2.
Hugo F. Alrøe - Creator and main developer of the Organic Eprints archive.
Helga Willer and Julia Meier, Forschungsinstitut für biologischen Landbau Frick und Berlin - Translating Organic Eprints to German.