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Interaction between actors in the organic food chain

{Project} Interaction between actors in the organic food chain. [Toimijoiden vuorovaikutus luomun tarjonta-kysyntäketjussa.] Runs 2004 - 2004. Project Leader(s): Kottila, Marja-Riitta, Helsinki University.

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Online at: http://tripunix.mtt.fi/cgi-bin/thw/?${BASE}=arktui&${HTML}=docu_eng&${SNHTML}=nosyn_eng&${TRIPSHOW}=for=www_eng&NR=144-05


The aim of the study is to improve the functionality of the organic demand-supply chain and relationships between the actors participating in the chain. The study analyzes how the organic food demand-supply chain functions and, more specifically, how different actors in the organic demand-supply chain cooperate and relate to each other. The focus of the study is, on the one hand, on the actors' attitudes towards organic food and, on the other hand, on information flows in organic supply-demand chains. Quantitative analyzes of the study are based on the Finfood panel data (1998-2004) gathered on producers', food manufacturers', retailers', catering units', and consumers' attitudes towards organic production and products. In addition, two organic demand-supply are considered in more detail by adapting a case study approach.

EPrint Type:Project description
Keywords:Organic products, supply, demand, food supply chain, interaction
Subjects: Food systems > Markets and trade
Research affiliation: Finland > Univ. Helsinki
Finland > MTT Agrifood Research
Research funders: Finland > Univ. Helsinki
Finland > MTT Agrifood Research
Related Links:http://www.agronet.fi/luotu
Location:Latokartanonkaari 5 (P.O. Box 27), 00014 University of Helsinki, Finland
phone +358-(0)9-191 58357
Start Date:1 January 2004
End Date:30 December 2004
Deposited By: Nykänen, Senior Scientist Arja
ID Code:5688
Deposited On:14 Sep 2005
Last Modified:20 Aug 2009 14:27

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