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Coordination and synergy

The Danish research effort in organic farming is coordinated by DARCOF, as described in Part 1. The coordinating activities in DARCOF are, like the other research projects, financed as part of DARCOF II. This project will secure the continued development of interdisciplinary research at a national and international level, and the completion of the overall objectives of the programme. The project consists of five work packages (WP).

WP1 concerns coordination, evaluation and leading of the entire programme. In WP2 knowledge is collected and analysed in the so-called knowledge syntheses. The aim of WP3 is to create a frame for research in organic farming involving systems research methodology and value inquiry. WP4 contributes to the education of postgraduate students (Ph.D.'s) in disciplines relevant to organic farming. In WP5 the focus is on communication and mediation. A more detailed description is given in Part 3.


Project title
V Coordination and synergy – increasing the width and depth of research in organic farming (SYNERGY)

Project leader
Erik Steen Kristensen, Chief scientist
Danish Research Centre for Organic Farming (DARCOF)
P.O. Box 50, DK-8830 Tjele
Phone: +45 89 99 16 76, Fax: +45 89 99 12 00
E-mail: ErikSteen.Kristensen@agrsci.dk

Project participants
Birgitte Hansen, Hugo Fjelsted Alrøe and Claus Bo Andreasen, DARCOF