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Nature quality in organic farming

Organic farming is an alternative to the intensification and specialisation of agriculture. However, the expectation, that organic farming also favours land use and farm practises, that supports ecosystem functioning, and to a higher extent contribute to nature qualities, is not well documented.

This project considers the biological, the agricultural and the esthetical aspects of nature quality in organic farming. The overall research question is, under which conditions it is possible to favour a high biological diversity in a high yielding organic production system, that supports esthetical and recreational opportunities. The farmer and the public may have different priorities, but all three aspects must be addressed in order to give complete answers.

  • In Work Package (WP) 1 researchers in the project are brought together to exchange data, results and ideas. This ensures, that indicators and tools for communication and planning are developed. The interrelated research topics, based on the broad interdisciplinarity of the project group, are important.

  • The conversion process and the motivations behind are analysed in WP 2, where the geographical localisation, the diversification, and the extensification of the farms is related to landscape and nature qualities of farms.

  • WP 3 develops models and principles for the conservation of biological diversity on organic farms, including methods to identify areas of interest, and indicators to follow the development.

  • In WP 4 the conditions are examined for a positive relation on cultivated fields between a high crop production and varied ecosystems, that are rich in species.

  • WP 5 analyses the farmer’s conception, and how it is reflected in the aesthetics and nature values on the farm. Instruments for communication on nature and landscape quality are developed.


Project title
III.5 Nature Quality in Organic Farming

Project leader
Jesper Fredshavn, Head of Department
National Environmental Research Institute, Department of Landscape Ecology
Grenåvej 14, 8410 Rønde
Phone: +45 89 20 17 00, Fax: +45 89 20 15 15
E-mail: jrf@dmu.dk

Project participants
Pia Frederiksen, Rasmus Ejrnæs, Jørgen A. Axelsen, NERI
Katrine Højring, Danish Forest and Landscape Institute