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Health management in organic pig production

Organic pig production is a relatively new production concept with promising possibilities for growth. A major challenge is to maintain and improve animal health and food safety without compromising animal welfare. Many problems concerning diseases, zoonoses (diseases that transfer from animals to humans), and animal welfare can probably be reduced by improved management in the production.

Parasites are a major problem for animal health and welfare in many organic pig production systems. Knowledge relevant for parasite control is scarce. In this project the parasite transmission rate in piglets is described, and natural contaminated pastures are examined. The effect of ploughing and re-establishing of the grass is investigated.

Rodents are an important risk factor for diseases and zoonoses in organic pig production systems. It is necessary to develop organic acceptable rodent control strategies. The ecology of the pest problem is investigated in organic pig farm cases, and strategies for controlling pest problems are developed.

The development of strategies preventing health and food safety problems needs to acknowledge the complex interaction between diseases/zoonoses, production systems and management which prevails in organic pig production. A Hazard-Analysis-Critical-Control-Point (HACCP) concept for application in organic pig farms is developed in this project. Most stockmen are inexperienced in organic pig production and need to develop suitable management routines. In this project a systematic operation programme focusing on the control of diseases, zoonoses and animal welfare problems is developed and evaluated.


Project title
II.8 Management in relation to health and food safety in organic pig production (MANORPIG)

Project leader
Jan Tind Sørensen, Ph.D. Head of Research Unit
Danish Institute of Agricultural Sciences, Dept. of Animal Health and Welfare
Postboks 50, DK-8830 Tjele
Phone: +45 89 99 13 43, Fax: +45 89 99 15 00
E-mail: jantind.sorensen@agrsci.dk

Project participants
Allan Roepstorff, KVL
Herwig Leirs, Danish Pest Infestation Laboratory
Mette Giersing and Marianne Bonde, DIAS