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Use of antimicrobials in organic cattle herds

Organic farming is among other things characterised by a more restrictive use of antimicrobial agents. Preliminary results from poultry and cattle production indicate that the occurrence of antimicrobial resistance is lower in organic herds compared to conventional. A low occurrence of resistance can be regarded as a sign of quality. However, a limited use of antimicrobial agents has to be without adverse negative effect on animal welfare to be acceptable.

In this study, methods to perform a continuous surveillance for antimicrobial resistance at herd level, will be used to compare the occurrence of resistance between organic and conventional dairy herds. In addition, the treatment pattern of animals in organic herds will be studied. Based upon this information, guidelines for disease treatment will be developed and implemented as herd specific treatment strategies. They should meet the demand for animal welfare and minimise the risk for antimicrobial resistance.


Project title
II.5 Use of antimicrobials and occurrence of resistance in organic cattle herds

Project leader
Seniorforsker Frank Møller Aarestrup,
Danish Veterinary Laboratory,
Bülowsvej 27, DK-1790 Copenhagen V
Phone: +45 35 30 02 81, Fax: +45 35 30 01 25
E-mail: faa@svs.dk

Project participants
Stig Milan Thamsborg and Torben W. Bennedsgaard, KVL
Mette Vaarst, DIAS