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Opname van gras- en mengkuil door dragende biologische zeugen

Bikker, P; Binnendijk, G.P. and van der Peet-Swering, C.M.C. (editor): Wageningen UR, Livestock Research (Ed.) (2011) Opname van gras- en mengkuil door dragende biologische zeugen. [Intake of grass silage or mixed grass silage of pregnant sows.] Wageningen UR, Livestock Research.

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Online at: http://edepot.wur.nl/166598


In dit onderzoek is nagegaan of bij dragende zeugen een deel van het krachtvoer door graskuil of mengkuil met CCM of gerst kan worden vervangen.
Biologisch gehouden dragende zeugen krijgen in de winterperiode veelal graskuil. Omdat de opname
hiervan niet goed bekend is, is het moeilijk de hiernaast gewenste krachtvoergift vast te stellen. In
deze proef is de opname van twee soorten graskuil bij dragende zeugen vastgesteld. Daarnaast is de
opname bepaald van graskuil die gemengd was ingekuild met gerst of CCM (mengkuilen), omdat
hiermee naar verwachting een groter aandeel krachtvoer vervangen kan worden. Tevens is het effect
van de rantsoensamenstelling en de opname hiervan op de conditie van de zeugen en de
biggenproductie bestudeerd.

Summary translation

In this study it was determined whether the concentrate allowance of pregnant sows can be
partly replaced by the supply of grass silage of grass silage mixed with barley or CCM.
During the winter period, pregnant sows kept on organic farms generally are provided with grass
silage. Because the silage intake per sow is not well known, it is difficult to establish the amount of
concentrate that is additionally required. Therefore, in this experiment, the intake of two types of grass
silage by pregnant sows was determined. In addition, the intake of grass silage, ensiled in combination
with barley or CCM (mixed silage) was determined because it was expected that this could replace a
larger amount of concentrate. The effect of the composition and daily intake of the ration on body
condition of the sows and reproductive performance was registered as well.

EPrint Type:Report
Keywords:Organic sows, roughage, grass silage, mixed silage, individual feed intake
Subjects: Animal husbandry > Production systems > Dairy cattle
Animal husbandry > Feeding and growth
"Organics" in general > Country reports > Netherlands
Research affiliation: Netherlands > Louis Bolk Institute
Netherlands > Wageningen University and Research Centre WUR
Deposited By: Schoenaker, Bertine
ID Code:18999
Deposited On:28 Jun 2011 19:21
Last Modified:28 Jun 2011 19:21
Document Language:Dutch - Nederlands
Refereed:Not peer-reviewed

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