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Sensitivity of soil phosphorus tests in predicting the potential risk of phosphorus loss from pasture soil

Soinne, Helena; Saarijärvi, Kirsi; Karppinen, Minna and Hartikainen, Helinä (2008) Sensitivity of soil phosphorus tests in predicting the potential risk of phosphorus loss from pasture soil. Agricultural and Food Science, 17 (3), pp. 265-277.

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Online at: http://www.mtt.fi/afs/pdf/mtt-afs-v17n3p265.pdf


The objective of this study was to examine the effects of urine and dung additions on the phosphorus (P) chemistry of pasture land and to compare the sensitivity of two soil extraction methods in assessing the P-loading risk. In a field experiment, urine and dung were added to soil in amounts corresponding to single excrement portions and the soil samples, taken at certain intervals, were analysed for pHH2O, acid ammonium acetate extractable P (PAc) and water extractable total P (TPw), and molybdate reactive P (MRPw). Urine additions immediately increased soil pH and MRPw, but no such response was observed in PAc extraction due to the low pH (4.65) of the extractant enhancing the resorption of P. The PAc responded to the dunginduced increase in soil total P similarly as did Pw, which suggests that both tests can serve to detect areas of high P concentration. However, water extraction was a more sensitive method for estimating short-term changes in P solubility. In pasture soils, the risk of P loss increases as a result of the interaction of urination and high P concentration in the topsoil resulting from continuous dung excretion.

EPrint Type:Journal paper
Keywords:soil testing, phosphorus, organic, inorganic, soil pH, extraction, pasture, urine, dung, runoff, leaching
Subjects: Soil > Nutrient turnover
Research affiliation: Finland > Univ. Helsinki
Finland > Luke Natural Resources Institute
Deposited By: Koistinen, Riitta
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Deposited On:05 May 2010 12:16
Last Modified:05 May 2010 12:16
Document Language:English
Refereed:Peer-reviewed and accepted

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