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Food, People and Society

Food, People and Society

Recommended Retail Price: DM 199,90 *

Book category: Professional Book
Publication language: English

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Frewer, L., Institute of Food Research, Colney, Norwich, UK Risvik, E., Matforsk, As, Norway Schifferstein, H., Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands (Eds.)

Food, People and Society

A European Perspective of Consumers' Food Choices

2001. XXI, 424 pp. 71 figs., 63 tabs. Hardcover
Recommended Retail Price: DM 199,90 *

This book, edited and authored by a group of scientists experienced in European cross-cultural and interdisciplinary research in the field of consumer food perceptions, sensory evaluation, product image and risk research, delivers a unique insight into decision making and food consumption of the European consumer. The volume is essential reading for those involved in product development, market research and consumer science in food and agro industries and academic research. It brings together experts from different disciplines in order to address fundamental issues to do with predicting food choice, consumer behavior and societal trust into quality and safety regulatory systems. The importance of the social and psychological context and the cross-cultural differences and how they influence food choice are also covered in great detail.

Keywords: Consumer, Food, Sensory perception, Marketing, Product development

Last update: 16.08.2001

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