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Innovation in mechanical weed control in crop rows

van der Weide, R.Y.; Bleeker, P.O.; Achten, V.T.J.M.; Plotz, L.A.; Fogelberg, F. and Melander, B. (2008) Innovation in mechanical weed control in crop rows. [Nye mekaniske metoder til bekæmpelse af ukrudt i rækken i rækkeafgrøder.] Weed Research, 48, pp. 215-224.

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Weed control within crop rows is one of the main problems in organic farming. For centuries, different weed removal tools have been used to reduce weeds in the crop rows. Stimulated by the demand from organic farmers, research in several European countries over the last decade has focused on mechanisation using harrowing, torsion finger weeding and weeding with compressed air (Pneumat). Intelligent weeders are now being developed which offer more advanced ways to control weeds, including larger ones and to leave the crop plants unharmed. One of the first commercially available intelligent weeders, the Sarl Radis from France, has a simple crop detection system based on light interception, which guides a hoe in and out of the crop row, around the crop plants. The inclusion of innovative technologies, including advanced sensing and robotics, in combination with new cropping systems, might lead to a breakthrough in physical weed control in row crops leading to significant reductions, or even elimination, of the need for hand weeding.

EPrint Type:Journal paper
Subjects: Crop husbandry > Weed management
Research affiliation: Denmark > DARCOF III (2005-2010) > WEEDS - Control of weeds in organic cropping
Deposited By: Bo Melander, Senior Scientist
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Deposited On:30 Sep 2008
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